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  1. I have two pair for sale. Message me if you’re interested.
  2. Thanks for the invite
  3. Solid boards, run true. Pick up only Lansing/Ithaca area or may be willing to meet Sodus or Oswego area, I’m usually in that area most weekends. $90 for the pair. send PM or text 607-275-7099 if interested
  4. Weighted, 1/4 oz split shot or 3/8 oz inline trolling weight
  5. Bump..... Still for sale Make me an offer
  6. Trips 6&7 2022, Action starting to pick back up, was a decent bite for our two January trips but slowed down in February as it normally does. All salmon yesterday, solid fish in the 4-7lb range. Cayuga slam today which was exciting for the crew! Fish averaged smaller today but more of them, the 9 rod spread running in ~20fow off the big boards kept us hoppin. UV green/yellow have been hot, taking 80% of hits.
  7. Can’t get out of Myers, as of a couple days ago the town of Lansing was still rebuilding the retaining walls in the marina and have a containment boom blocking the channel. Lake level has gone up, about 1.5’ in the last couple weeks, so as soon as they are finished and pull the boom in it will be fine. Use Taughannock, as long as you have clearance to get under the bridge. We’ve made 5 trips out of there this winter.
  8. Yes. Text me at (607) 275-7099
  9. Ditto on making sure water is out by starting it quickly. Heated garage helps too. Rod guides usually not an issue. One thing to remember is set the clips on the releases light. I hadn’t been on the water in 3 weeks and got excited and ahead of myself and clipped all the lines on where I normally would in warmer temps and forgot about the icing that occurs on the release clips. Learned lesson yesterday when the #3 rod (center rod) of the 5 rods on the starboard side takes the first hit 5 minutes after getting that side set. Yep, froze, wouldn’t release, had to clear rods 4&5 before bringing that fish in. Luckily, the line still pulled through the frozen release clip and took drag. Mistake was not made again. Sometimes icing occurs on the planer board line as well and clips struggle to slide down line. A little finesse by bouncing it down the board line helps. If ice gets too think, I’ve had to reel board in while stripping ice off.
  10. Lol. Ya I thanked the state park workers with the backhoe knowing it would make light of my morning ice chopping duties. Locked up pretty good overnight, we chopped ice for 45 minutes but well worth it. Salmon and browns were hungry. Finally left the launch at 7:45am. 9 rod spread kept us hoppin. Nothing big but some quick action. Off the water just before noon. Tying more flies this afternoon, found a hot color combo. Good luck if you get out!
  11. All taken care of. It’ll be fine. If it does lock back up, nothing that an ice spud can’t handle.
  12. Clam 2000 2 person ice shanty. NON insulated Folds up to 3’x4’x4”. Good condition. Zippers work great. Has a few small holes from mice chewing but keeps the heat in fine. $150 Pickup in Lansing NY area. Paul 607-275-7099
  13. Bump.... still available.....
  14. Bump.... these are still for sale.
  15. One piece of Burt’s track. 24” like new condition. No hardware. $40 + shipping. text me 607-275-7099
  16. Doc

    Cayuga Cayuga 12/5

    Nice catch! Lake level looks to be dropping quick, down about 7-8" in the last week to ~382.5 as of today so you should be good for Taughannock. I have not been on the water since September, deer season wrapped up now so the Lund will be hitting the water in the next couple weeks. I will keep you updated as you know how much I love the next 3 months of winter fishing. Take care and good luck out there!
  17. Was out there Sunday 5:30-11 am. Went 4/4. Laker, coho, 2 steel. Had 9 rods running. Ran in 80 out to 250 fow. All fish caught were down in the 40-60 ft range where there was a temp break at about 40-45 ft down.
  18. I dropped my 24’ Trophy in last weekend and the 2 weekends prior launched my 19’ Lund there. No issues. Keep trim up a bit from ramp to channel exit and you’ll be fine. Doc
  19. Great report, I was looking for you out there. Surface water temp dropped and minimal 'colored' water led to a swing and a miss for us on the browns and salmon, targeted the top of the water column in the skinny water with a 9 rod spread. Picked up two chunker lakers, 8 & 9 lbs in 11 fow, full of bait fish, spitting up perch.
  20. Bought 2 new Scotty riggers a few months back. Free shipping, quick. From jersey to me in 2 days. Happy with their service. Doc
  21. Doc

    Cayuga Casting Cayuga

    Close to bottom as possible, but not on it. Doc
  22. Run them with keel sinkers, about 10 ft floro leader 8lb test on Cayuga, 1/4-5/8oz depending on the side of the boat, heavier weight on the outside to get just a bit deeper, lighter on the inside to not get hung up on the bottom in the skinny water. The flies themselves are not weighted. I tie my own. They run anywhere from 2.5-5 ft below the surface. I have run them with no weight in front of them and have caught fish. I use the weight to give myself piece of mind that they stay below the surface. Landlocks absolutely love them, but all trout species will chew on them. Just like you I remember pulling jigs!!! Back 20 years ago in my Dad's 12ft aluminum on some cold January-March days, a 12' noodle rod out one side, another one out the back and me holding a 10' noodle out the other jigging it as we trolled with the 7.5 hp Merc. Spinning reels spooled with 4lb test. We would crush the salmon. Good times. Things have evolved, the streamers are the same concept as the jigs, just a little different approach.
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