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  1. Hello anyone been to Hemlock at all? wondering how the fishing has been in general any of those invasive species around still? Time to get kayaking in there this weekend if its not too windy. thanks for any info
  2. Hey all the launches are closed but can we still kayak i never kayak from drop sight or launch.
  3. snatch the pebble from my hand
  4. wow they do seem adaptable. if i place any cam over a carcass they show within a day or so and all winter long out and about. i dont get many daytime pica this was unusual
  5. Monday a few big Pike the eyes gotta be there by now or very soon gonna rain this weekend
  6. also asking to stay home to decrease the chances of stressing emergency services if this thing gets outta hand . so make smart decisions before you you head out on the lake. good luck everyone
  7. this one has been firing perfectly for 2 days so a sweet spot 👍
  8. the bears should be showing any day now hoping they dont rough up the 2 units they have destroyed other cams in the past 🤬
  9. few more shots I am having some signal issues but cell coverage in Almond is spotty so trying to keep them up on ridge tops open areas .the grouse was in mid drum so these 7000s are fast!! overall ok so far -chris
  10. seeing a few biggons on the wildgames
  11. i set it southern direction over a rib cage spine left over carcass . tons of fox and Fisher tracks in there we'll see ill post pics here is me testing today🤣
  12. Hey all, i just got a Moultrie cellular the 7000i. setting it up today in Allegany County after testing it in my yard for a few days it looks pretty solid i can't wait to get it out to the sacred hunting grounds😆 my family owns. Any pros , cons i will send along some pics i get when they come in.
  13. is it legal to pick up a dead deer? i wasn't sure nothing brings yotes in faster in Allegany County than a carcass
  14. cut all your oaks and apple trees down no feeding!!🤣🤣🤣
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