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  1. Perfect!! Look like good prime hides too wow!!
  2. Man i wouldn't want that big sucker after me !! Thing is rediculous big
  3. I got 3 new Bridgers to set tomorrow gonna hit it anyway. Almost over
  4. Man that is sweet!! Nice yotes!!
  5. The mount is awesome what an adventure !!! Too bad no wolf tags that would be an incredible bow kill as well i see them trapped on you tube alot of vids there .
  6. Whoa nice!!! who wants to sit all night and wait anyway!!
  7. Didn't get any dogs to come in but we have a ton of raccoons this year. I have a browning trail cam of 9 moving past one of my deer sets. Well one less now!
  8. Beautiful!! Can't wait to hit it next weekend!!
  9. Hey nice coyote!!! looks like a darker phase ? What kind of trap is that , what size?
  10. Me too absolutely love it!! My Dad and I trapped alot around the Roc.airport in the 80s when you could get 30 bucks for an average size raccoon. I put out a few coon sets during archery and realized how much i miss it really connects almost in a spiritual way to the natural world just like archery. We are absolutely polluted with Coyote so time to invest in some seriuos gear maybe score a few every year on our Allegany property. Yes great pics my Dad and I took tons of trapping pics years ago i still have them man what a great way to unwind its a major stress reliever!!
  11. Yeah all looks to be a Fisher what i thought we do see Marten and Mink tracks the paw is much smaller stride shorter. I am camming it up in there I'll get a pic up i hope by the end of January. Right now the coyote tracks are everywhere i dont know how any deer survive in my woods.
  12. Hey guys check these out a fisher? This is Allegany County Almond area.
  13. True that where are the longer fish... seen plenty of pics of them on here
  14. I was lucky enough to have a couple anglers communicate a common location walleyes are caught it is more to do with depth for sure walleyes are much shallower than expected but i never cared . I take great pride in knowing i was a vocal regular there that insisted it stay a stable trout fishery.
  15. Or they simply did not report on them. Wondering if any walleyes are left ? All giants in there no reproduction..
  16. Nice vid that kayak rig is really what you need to score consistantly i too paddle its real work keeping pace . I have had success paddling a dipsey diver on Hemlock i think a sinking line is probably easier to manage . Its exciting to net a big fish from a kayak!!
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