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  1. Pics are fantastic! Great trip
  2. Hello anyone been to Hemlock for bass or Lake trout? Any idea what will work? Thanks Chris
  3. Fresh is key!! Try the cedar planks guys over charcoal a can't miss . Or bread and drop in a good cooking oil fish n chips just perfect with a few Coronas 😋
  4. ok great info , what exactly is a dry suit where do you get one I kayak Can.Hem alot also. never ever go alone without a PDF on
  5. anyone kayak fish thw smaller lakes, when do you head out ? how early ?
  6. it ok to put your stand in an apple tree though
  7. make sure your hands are clean or wear gloves mine get roughed up often they think there is food inside
  8. hey thats awsome!! congratulations to both!! Love the youth hunt weekend!!
  9. nice rig thats a great effort in there that lake can be a tough troll i always did better on Hemlock for Lakers. I need to grab a leadcore rig next time i kayak troll i have a couple here from the boating days right now the dipsey diver has worked for me with spoons and cranks. wish i got out more a tough summer to fish much for me .
  10. pretty cool Mike nice run good luck with the big lakers!
  11. man that must be a sight to behold! male?
  12. wow a nice mix of species in there!! any crappies in that lake?
  13. wow you guys rocked it today nice male bow
  14. only trolled way off to the side if you chose to do this. i set the dipsey on a 1 for.the left side and 99 feet out this angled the 10 foot downrigger pole almost straight back . still enough room to paddle yes a few more strokes on the left side . the variation in speed is sweet the fish hit as i slowed a bit to turn . 70 fow . ill continue to experiment and post every trip
  15. Hemlock Laker kayak troll After the wind died down last Friday morning around 11am I was experimenting with a dipsey diver rig trolled off my kayak rod holder..anyway the stinger spoon scored this laker 25inches what a battle but i got him netted . be back to try again soon awsome time
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