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  1. Interested in these Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I have not had any interest in the Big Jon so I what would the forum say was a fair price for the setup? Thanks
  3. Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Ugh if I did something like that my other dog would eat my face.
  5. I am the same but so far no replies to the post or to my PM
  6. For sale: Downriggers: Big John Capatin edition with swivel base, dual rod holders, and 3 part boom. $300 Two Penn 820's with double rold holders, auto stop, 4' boom, swivel bases. They are currently mounted on the boat and have been using them this season. $250 ea or both for $425 Two gimble mounts. The Cannon had some additional holes added for the Penn downriggers. Outside mounting the downriggers and seeting them on the boat they have never been used. Set them on the boat and decided to direct mount the riggers instead. Open to offers of course
  7. Do you still have the Mag 10's for sale?
  8. I actually love the cannons.. would love to sell all 3 of the ones that I have and put the cash towards a good set of Mag 10's. Anything remaining would go towards othe boat stuff, such as the Hawk.. have no clue what the Big Jon is worth but will dig into that and then list it for sale.. thanks
  9. I just want to say thank you to everyone's help. Sold my boat to my neighbor and picked up a Neptune 202. Actually, hope to upgrade this to a better boat next season now that I know what I want to rig out. So, went out yesterday and lost 2 and landed what is my biggest Laker yet.. about 12 lbs. Thanks again.... now for ideas.. The new to me boat came with an almost new Bog Jon rigger with dual holders and a swivel base. I currently have 2 Penn Fantom 820 with swivel bases mounted to the boat and have a, extra set of swivel bases. The Penns work great except for 1 that is having issues with the line counter... so now I am at the "keep the Penn's or sell them and pick up a 2nd Big Jon"... so seeing that I am still fairly new to the downrigger game I thought I would ask the experts here.
  10. If there’s one available I’ll take it. Have a paypal link? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. and I was thinking 2 on the riggers each with a slide and a dippsy would = a big possible mess.. you gues can really pull that many lures on 3 rods? wow
  12. will have to try.. I think you are allowed 3 rods if solo ....
  13. Thanks. Haven’t tried using either the sliders of stick bates but have enough of them so will give it a shot this weekend
  14. ok will need to make some changes there as well
  15. spoon question,, what size spoon are you using.. I was running smaller 2-3" length ones today but picked up a rather large selection from a member last Spring..
  16. wow.. got so much to learn just in the names alone...
  17. buckets will do.. I had 1 rigged with a system rso I could tie it to both ends of the boat.. thought that 2 buckets may get messed up in riggers as I have the short booms on them right now but haven't tried it at all yet.
  18. thanks I have 17lb mono on my downrigger rods. I have spin doctors but never tried them yet. Gotta find out what is wrong in what I am doing one of these days... here was my run: 80-120 ft depth downriggers at 60 and 45. set the 45 back 100 - 120 feet set the 60 back 80 - 100 feet spoon colors may be wrong as I was running silver and white
  19. Hi, question. I put in at Myers today. Trolled 2 riggers with fly’s and lures. Ran green, white, mixed colors, spoon sizes etc... Ran for 4 hrs and not one hit. Now, I have been going out on the weekends, but I am not having any luck. Now I have been mixing up lures, distances from the boat etc. and I am losing hope here. Now the only thing that I can think of that would impact everything that I have done is boat speed. Today I could not get my boat slower than 2 mph and a high of about 2.6 mph... could boat speed be what is killing my chances? I rigged up a bucket and will tow it behind the boat tomorrow but am looking for any hints that I can get??
  20. thanks casue I may try jigging for the first time this weekend...
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