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  1. I would rather keep them together. More attractive for someone. I have them advertised locally as well.
  2. Icotec GC 300 electronic Predator call for sale. Used once. Like new condition in original box. Remote control, with range up to 300 yds. 12 different sounds. Also Mo Jo Critter motorized decoy. Used once. Plastic toggle switch broke first time out. Replaced with a metal one. Works great. Great condition. Both for $100 shipped.
  3. Anyone have any experience using a black box to regulate the voltage field of your boat? My boat came with one and was wondering if it might be worth hooking it up. I know the newer cannon downriggers come with this positive ion built in so there might be something to it. Does it really make a difference?
  4. Thanks for the replies, I can find no information on who sells new Penn downriggers. Nothing on the Penn Website about riggers. Amazon has some manual crank. Any contact info on the guy that services them? If I decide to get these I might have them gone over before installing them since they are pretty old.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Penn Fathom Master 825 downriggers?. These have the longer booms and swivel bases. Have a chance to pick up a couple at a reasonable price but know absolutely nothing about them other than they no longer make them.
  6. You have much trouble with Fleas? Do you think 30lb mono would be heavy enough on rigger rods to deter fleas or would 40 be better? From my understanding there isn't much of a flea problem with 7 strand diver wire, copper or leadcore.
  7. Hey DG, thanks for the reply, 99.9% of my experience is fishing for eyes out of Conneaut. Would really like to cash on that spring Lake O. mixed bag. Those cohos are pretty tasty. I do have a Fish Hawk TD, so I can at least find the correct temp zones. Will just have to depend on the line and bend of the rod to determine current direction and speed for now. SOG on the Gps isn't real accurate when you get current involved. Looks like I may be in the market for some new gear. How are you rigging your stackers?
  8. Hey Don, Thanks for the reply, I agree that the Magdas probably arent the best choice. I'll probably put a carbon drag upgrade kit on them. But considering I can only make the trip to Lake O. twice or three times a year for now I will probably stick with them for now. If I can get the hang of this, I'll probably upgrade as I go along. I have 2 30 size Cabelas LC reels (made by Okuma I think) that will work for the wire dipsies. So your running 1000' all wire instead of say 500' and braid backing for the Dipsy Rods? I have 45 size Okuma LCs that I will start off with for the copper. Rods I intend to use for copper and wire dipsies have ceramic guides, Would these be ok if I add a twili tip. Do you think I should run say a 7 color and 5 color or 10 color leadcore setup instead of two 7 colors? Also what about flatlines or trip zee divers (jet divers) I have them in 20, 30, 40 and 50 sizes. Switching over from Walleye is definitely gonna be a whole new ball game. When do the fleas start getting bad?. there's another wrench in the works to contend with., They're not bad on Erie. Randy
  9. Probably Mid May to the end of June would be the most likely time I could come up although i would not rule out mid September. Did fish out of Lewiston or should say tried to fish this past May but only got on the lake for 4 hrs due to high winds. One coho and a few steelhead in the river was it. Like the idea of a mix bag.
  10. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and would like to know your opinions on the best rod spread to start with. I'm from WV and am a 6 hr. drive to the closest ports, (Lewiston, Wilson, or Olcott would be the closest) This limits the amount of time I can fish Lake O. Anything you could provide to shorten the learning curve would be appreciated. Here's a little background on my equipment. 19' aluminum Deep Vee, 120 HP Merc, 9.9 Merc. kicker, Motorguide xi5 36 v. trolling motor, Lowrance elite 7 and Garmin echomap 73sv gps/sonar. Marine radio. manual downriggers. 10 Offshore OR 12 Inline planer boards and 2 TX 44s, 6 walker deeper divers 107 mm size. 8" Green, white and blue flashers, lots of spoons and crankbaits. I fished Lake Erie a lot last summer for walleye and did well so I'm not a rookie, just a rookie to lake O, I currently have 2 8' Med/ downrigger rods and 4 mh dipsy rods, 2 9'6 and 2 8'6 rigged with Okuma Magdapro LC 20 reels and 30# power pro braid, 2 leadcore rods 30 size reels with 7 colors 27# and 20 lb mono backing. I also have available but not rigged, 2 daiwa wilderness 8' Med rods with 20 Okuma LC reels, 4 Cabelas 8'6 tournament MH rods with 2 30 size cabelas LC reel and 2 45 size Okuma LC reels. I realize some of this equipment is not ideal for lake O but I'd like to utilize what I have if possible, but am not opposed to spending some on must haves like copper, stainless trolling wire etc. Any thoughts?
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