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  1. @Smat64, I would turn off Autochart Live since the contours look pretty accurate on that map already.
  2. Generation doesn't really matter. The app isn't heavy by any means. I would just go for a larger screen is all. You download the maps you want onto the tablet. From there on no connectivity is required. GPS location does not require cell reception.
  3. By the way, this feature is AMAZING for finding sunken islands in a certain preferred depth range! Can't wait to get home and tinker with this.
  4. Correction, you need a tablet with GPS (location) capability. Not necessarily cell capability. And make sure it's a GPS and not the cheap-o assisted GPS or whatever, because those aren't as accurate! Also look for a tablet that has a bright screen.
  5. How would you compare the consistency of Erie fleas vs Ontario fleas? I've only ever dealt with Erie fleas and my understanding is they're a different insect. This is a challenging product to deliver given that it shouldn't damage the line in any way, and tests would have to take place on water. How hard are they to remove? Does a flicking the line like a guitar string do the trick? Do you have to use the tip of your fingers & fingernails to peel em off?
  6. Good afternoon folks, Let me throw something out there. If you were to make small/major changes to fishing gear you use, what would that be? If you wished someone invented a product, what would that be? I'm thinking of starting my own line of products (think Traxstech, Cisco, Bert's). So I'd like to hear what you experienced anglers have to say. Edit: some more information. I'm an engineer by day, web developer by night, and fishing addict in between. I think this is a valuable mix of skills. I've already completed drawings on several products, identified manufacturers in both Canada, USA and overseas. Thanks
  7. I also see big boobies on the left, and a naked woman in the log. Also writing that looks like "Sally" with a heart and cross. I see three women (2 faces, 1 full body) Also a hat sitting on the bottom. Very cool drawing!
  8. Can't quite understand what your problem is, but I imagine it has to do with uploading direct to LOU. I would suggest first uploading to imgur.com, then link the image through here. Don't upload, use IMG tags (wrapped in square brackets). I can help you with that if you give me the imgur link.
  9. Nice video. For a second I thought you threw the lumber right back into the water, haha. Good eye on the crew too. Most hits were spotted immediately.
  10. Brutal, sorry to hear that. One of these days I'm going to drag a bunch of lines with magnets and rakes around Erie and Ontario. See what kind of treasures I come up with.
  11. In the next 12-24 months I will be purchasing what I hope will be my "for life" boat. I'm hoping to avoid the brand new premium and go used. I do a lot of downrigging, trolling, jigging and the odd bass/pike fishing if the in-laws are around. I fish walleye and lakers out of small lakes, and Erie on occasion. The one gripe I have with most boats is that too much space is taken up by benches, seats, livewells, holders, and you end up with a really cramped floor. I'd rather a boat with an open concept which can accommodate riggers easily. Initially I was interested in the west-coast style boats like Harbercraft / Kingfisher but I've since discovered other makes that offer an open floor like the Superfisherman or Fishmaster. I was hoping some of you could offer some advice and point me to some other makes/brands that fit the bill. Appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  12. I'll take em. Sending PM. Edit: I'm in Canada, will try to work out shipping deal. Edit #2: Still available folks. Too expensive to ship to Canada.
  13. Entirely possible the cheaters slid together, no?
  14. Any idea if this will work with Mag 5HS riggers? I have the base below, and it's cracked. Seems it would work fine? How much for all 3?
  15. How do these work anyway? Do they firmly lock in place and stay there even after a strike?
  16. Here I'll translate for ya. Lund Pro V 2004, 1900 with 225hp Honda (502 hrs) and 9.9 hp kicker with Control King. 70lbs Minnkota PowerDrive v2, copilot, hand and foot remote, used 2 years. 3 new batteries, integrated 3 bank charging. 2 Scotty downriggers 1116. VHF Phantom 2 radio with 8ft antenna. AM/FM CD XM satellite radio. GPS Sonar Lowrance LCX18c with navionics. Roof cover with windshield in mika (?). Tilt steering. 4 seats, including a captain's chair with suspension. Rod storage, 2 live wells, 2 bilge pumps, including one automatic. 2 buoys, ropes, 2 anchors, safety kid, life jacket. This is a turnkey package. Vinyl floor redone last year. Tune up on both motors this fall. Foot seal and water pump (impeller?) redone in fall 2016. Travel cover. Motor cover (?) and transom saver for each motor. Stainless prop. 7000lb dual axle trailer with hydraulic brakes and 5 chromed mags (?). Axle and brakes new in 2016. Boat is in near-new condition. $21,000.
  17. Contact Nantahala Tackle Company, they do a fantastic job painting.
  18. What do you mean complete set? The Fish Hawk TD is a small unit maybe 4inches across, you tie it to a line and drop it down. No other accessories needed aside from maybe a clip.
  19. Received 3 magnum and 2 standard holders yesterday. Very happy with the product, fast shipping to Canada! Thanks!
  20. What is this depth thermometer? You've got some great gear. For some reason these ads make me sad, it's like someone is abandoning a once-deep passion... Best of luck with your sale.
  21. Ted; the truest angler on these forums.
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