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  1. Lol. Sorry. Meant 5/8. Not 5/18. First report was saturday morning then evening trips. Then sunday morning
  2. Yes sir, been a grind so far this year. Every trip this year At some point I went for lakers just to get some action.this weekend stayed on the king spread. It was a tough weekend for alot of guys. I was given some good info and had a great early season weekend. Finally building some confidence up on the new rig. Me and my trophy were 1. I always had bloody decks on that boat. Now the Baha is gettin bloody
  3. Finished the day 2/4. 17lb and 14lb king. Ran a straight Spoon spread and this morning was slow. First hit cane at 9am and dropped first two then landed the next. 60FOW. Riggers parked at 40-30-20. Dipseys on 2nd setting back 140-160. Uv picklseed,NBK,Crushed uv elwife, and dirty broomstick. Only stingray sized was taking fish. Great weekend, and great doin battle with these spring kings
  4. Kings chewin again this morning. Got my phone today so I can get some pics.
  5. Great day today. First thing this morning I helped a friend out and Mated on his boat for him. We did great. Seen my first king of the year and that was followed by a few more. Morning we went 7-11. 3 kings biggest 14 and 4 browns. 3 were over 10lb. Biggest just under 14. All spoon bite. This evening was just exciting. 3/5. 2kings and an 8lb brown. Running Same program Tomarrow morning and Will have better report with pics. (Left my phone at the cabin).
  6. Sorry for your loss. Wish I was up this weekend. Lot of nice gear there.
  7. I have noticed this. Sometimes I run my 3 riggers and its slow. So I pull my center rigger and the outsides starts hitting. Hard to say if they hit becouse I pulled a rigger or I just passed over hungry fish. But i always stagger my leads. 10ft 20ft 30ft. Does that help. Who knows but if you don’t try differnt things you won’t learn new techniques that may work.
  8. Its about time you showed up!!!!! Headin up in two weeks. Better have that kitchen remodeled by then!
  9. Its still low but really not to concerning low. Big boats goin out and in everyday
  10. The only info I have for the organization is there facebook page. Cops 4 A Cause.
  11. After our morning out with cops 4 a cause the wife and I headed out for some evening browns. After two hrs washin spoons I set out for lakers again. 150fow in front of the plant produced again. Yellow dew deathtrap pullin mag bullfrog gambler rig was on fire and out produced my froggy cowbell pullin bullfrog mag gambler rig. Theres has been days cowbells do better but then days deathtraps won’t stay in the water like yesterday. Ended with over a 12 lakers in 1.5 hrs. Biggest 21lb and 19lb. Rest 10-15lb. We had 2 triples and multiple triples with only ne and the wife on the boat. Got pretty intense! Wish I could get browns like I do lakers. Guess my brown game got pretty weak over the winter as all my buddies loaded the boat with em. On a side note! Fellas if u bring dogs on ur boat, check your bilge pumps from time to time. Tied to the dock before i went out i went in my cuddy to 6in of water. Checked my center bilge pump and it was pluged with hair and line. While I was out with the kids earlier in the day I let them drive and they were playin with switches and think they shut the other two bilges off. Quite the learning experience!
  12. Thank you fellas. For next year I’m sure there will be info for anyone lookin to get involved.
  13. What a great day to be on the water, and for great reason also. Caught wind of a benefit goin on this morning last night at 8pm. I reached out to Casey From DirtyGoose Sporfishing, and asked if there was a need for another boat, and luckily there was. The benefit was to support children of fallen officers. This was the first year for the event and after the outcome I’m sure It will be around for years to come. There where only 5 boats this year but I’m sure next year that number will be at least doubled Or tripled. I was accompanied with two young men that wanted action! Facing 2-3ft waves they wanted to try goin out a little bit for lake trout. Took a little bit to get them dialed in but we ended 1-5 and Jackson landing a 12lb laker. The rest of the fleet stayed in tight and the browns finally showed up in mexico. Biggest fish of the day was a Brown 15.8lbs that was caught on the Dirty Goose and that young man won himself a free mount. Great day to be out and can’t wait to do this again next year!
  14. I stager leads on my 3 riggers. One 10ft 20ft 30ft. Couple times when bite slows down I’ll pull my center rigger and only run two and sometimes bite picks back up.
  15. Bein fairly new to running my own boat out of Mexico I’m constantly learning more and more about the lake and the fishing. The struggle has been real for browns out of Mexico. Very little color in the water and the browns in numbers no where to be found. All week I watch the weather, mainly wind direction and speeds. If there was only one weekend I could fish browns this spring. It would most likely be this weekend. Hard west blow since yesterday lasting till Friday morning should push some good colored water our way and stir some sediment up. Who knows. Maybe some silver will get blown our way! What do you all think?
  16. Some guys I know ran right out and got the medical marijuana card when it became available here in PA. Little did they realize it is Illegal to be a medical marijuana user and a gun owner. The government is giving people what they want and in return. The goverment gets what they want.
  17. I’m sorry to hear you are selling the new boat. Definitely a rough situation you and your passengers went trou. Should you change your mind and wanna go out sometime, my offer still stands from last year. Just got my baha in the slip two weeks ago and will be up almost every weekend. Good luck with everything
  18. Two weeks ago was my first trip I set out to STRICTLY fish lake trout bein theres no colored water in mexico for browns. My first 6 hrs I put 14 on the deck. And every trip after, similar results when targeting them. Brian “Gambler” gave me a run down and it works. He knows what he’s talkin about. The LOC Boards don’t lie and he always has multiple fish on them. He’s not just tryin to push gear. They work and work great!
  19. I dont think so my friend!! I will be fishing out of point breeze june 10th weekend. If the silver isnt on the east side by then I will just have to stay there and catch all YOUR salmon
  20. Great report Rick. Hope we see some silver soon on the eastend.
  21. I have. And it worked great. I have a 15lb ball on it so there isn’t much blow back. Also used the jiggen mode and set it for 3ft jigs in 5min intervals. That little action on the ball has been giving me good results. I love the optimum. Definitely made a mistake returning the other two to replace my mag 10HS’s
  22. Great work. U did great for ur first trip. I spent an hour inshore for browns without a bump. Didn’t find any good color in the water so went offshore for lakers. Then had my fill of lakers there and targeted suspended fish in 170FOW with no luck. Most of the charters are out in Laker territory becouse of the lack of Browns. U did about the best I’ve heard of for browns out of Mexico this weekend. Like Bill said. Wait till you have a screamin silver on! You will be hooked.
  23. Fished untill 11;00. Took 6 lakers. 2 of them came on yellow dew mag deathtrap pullin a mag bullfrog gambler rig. First time running a deathtrap. Much less drag then cowbells and there’s definitely a place for them in my laker arsenal. I quit targeting lakers after the 6th fish cane in. I’m Itchin to hear a screamin drag so I packed in the laker gear and set a 6 rod spread with spoons and FF’s and bumped the speed up to try and target the fish I’ve seen in the 80ft area. Trolled an hour without a bump and called it quits. Got somemore west winds in the forcast. Maybe next weekend I can get my first brown of the season.
  24. Started off the morning in tight for browns. After two hours without movin a rod packed it in and ran out to 160FOW for lakers. 5 lakers in the last 40min. All over 10lb. Great class of fish. 4 came on froggy size5/0 cowbells and bullfrog mag Gambler rig. Gonna give it another 30min and turn up speed to 2.3 and throw out some spoons and FF’s. Lot of fish suspended in the 80-90ft area.
  25. Shot me a text when ur at salmon country so I can put a face to the name. My boat is downstream from the launch. Cant miss it. I’m sure I’ll b up that weekend as well
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