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  1. Welcome to the site. Great people here with lots of knowledge and always willing to help. I learned much of what I know from this site and the members. I keep my boat at salmon country in mexico. With weather permitting I’ll be putting here in march 20th and start fishing browns. By end of may/ June I’m more focused on kings,but rough days I will come in tigher to shore for browns. April browns r up close to shore. 10-20FOW. As the season progresses they go a little deeper. Best of luck out there
  2. Welcome to the site. Lots of great guys always willing to help. I Keep my Baha 280 weekender in a slip at salmon country and fish nearly every weekend. I would trade salmon trips for tuna trips anytime! Good luck out there
  3. I’m in salmon country. Great people, great place. I will never leave. Lol. Been on a waiting list for a campsite to go with my slip for 4years now. they usually have slips up untill midseason for smaller boats (from what I seen the last few years). Also there price is great.
  4. I’m a Lil northeast of scranton. 5in.
  5. Yes sir, good karma has a way of getting around when u pay it forward. Wish i knew u needed a cape. I just gave two mature buck capes away. One from last year and this year i had euros done but I cape them right out. I always save them
  6. Your out of your mind to give a mount away like that. And I couldnt accept it from you. But were gonna plan a spring trip and I’m gonna invite Clark as well. He’s a trip fishing with. Lol
  7. What are u talkin about??? If your sayin you will give me that mount it would be under 1 condition!!! You bring it when you come fishing spring browns on my boat!
  8. Yes Bill thats where its goin. Last year this lake had tons of tiny crappie. I would release at least 50 every trip. This year there all 11-12in and nothin small. Its such a lite bite I missed dozens thou. I’m gonna hit it hard now and try for another one or two like that and do a mount of a school on driftwood.
  9. Got out to a local lake this morning for two hrs before the storm came. Fishing was tough,worst day I’ve had on the ice in a long time. But that all changed with 1 fish. Here in Northeast pa a real big crappie is generally 14-15in area. Never caught one or seen one like this in PA. The wife and I ended that day with 15. All bein around 10-11in except this guy. Great day. He measured 17.5”. 14” gerth and 2.68lbs.
  10. These r what I pulled out so far. Got a few more boxes of spoons to go trou.
  11. I got a handfull of them in different colors burried in my cuddy covered in dust. I will pull them out and post a pic tomarrow.
  12. I’m so disgusted. Went out behind my pond and noticed I only have 3 ducks (Had 5 last night). I called for 40min and nothin came out. I looked around and found feathers. The son of a b*tches came and grabbed two ducks last night. Now the wife is a mess and I’m on a warpath! Grabbin my 4 other spypoints from the swamps tomarrow and setting a perimeter with the 7 I have. Expect to c me posting dead dog and cats in the near future!
  13. Just let my dogs a few min ago and heard the pack yelping a ways away. Gearing up now to sit and do some calling. I gotta get some roadkill, baitsite is cleaned out.
  14. Merry Christmas Les and everyone else. 2021 can’t be any worse then 2020. Even the fishing was tough this year. Got my first and second skunk ever on the big pond this year
  15. Lol. Thanks. She’s as much into salmon fishing as I am. Last August when the boat I been lookin for came up for sale. She asked me. “Your getting it Right?” Every trip to Mexico she comes out with $100 worth of spoons and flasher.
  16. Ur gonna love using the spypoint Bill. I’ll be sitting on the couch and my camrea is 250yrds. Back behind my pond. It goes off and its a firedrill. Grab the M-14 and out the door. I got two dogs so far this way. Also wounded two more. Only had FMJ’s and puched right trou. Got new ammo. Pretty much explodes on impact. They drop in there tracks now
  17. Yea buddy!!! I got 2 dogs so far. Traps r set for a cat that been takin out my chickens.
  18. Not me. What wife in there right mind gets more excited then you about maxing out credit cards for new riggers
  19. Congratulations Brian. Well deserved Im sure.
  20. Lol. Just bought a Baha 280 in July. Looks like I might be getting 3 new cannon optimums instead of 1
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