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  1. Copper is a great weapon to have in the arsenal but can DEFINITELY b a nightmare! I’m still tryin to figure it out after running it for 4years. I try to keep my speed at the ball at 2.5mph (should have made that clear with last post) BUT with currents I’ve seen speed 1.5 at the boat and 2.5 at my ball down 70ft or 2.5 at the ball and the boat is 3mph. Whats this difference in current doin with the depth of your copper? Maybe I’m wrong but I decide what copper to use based on what the boat speed is.
  2. Speed is everything when running copper IMO. .5mph could b a difference of 20ft in depth. I clip my coppers on backin right behind the copper to inline boards. I have sets of 250,300,and 400 and each set has its place durring the year. I always try to maintain speed at 2.5 and according to depth of marks or thermocline that decides what coopers go out.
  3. Gonna have to wait in line for Les’s Book. I’m # 1 in line for that
  4. 3 dipsey diver size 001. 2 with rings on them and the green one doesnt have a ring. 2 Walker Deeper Diver 107’s 1 Walker Deeper Diver 124 1 New Chinook Diver. Asking $35 Shipped.
  5. I bought this lot a couple years ago off another member. Haven’t used them, so I guess its time to part with em. Asking $120 shipped. Comes with the box. Not all have swivels on them as seen in pics. Thanks. Mike
  6. Thank you for the input. No Brian i do not have a killswitch on the trottle. At least I dont think I do.lol. definitely thinking solenoid at this point. When I put the new starter on Hopefully its good if not then next step I will check the relay. Wish I checked that before I ripped the starter out.
  7. It does have the neutral saftey switch and I tried playin around with the throttle and nothin. I just bit the bullet and ordered a new starter. If that don’t do I guess I’m gonna get a new ignition next.
  8. Tried the whole hitting with a hammer. Still nothing. All fuses are good. I jumped all 3 wires comin from the switch and still nothin from the starter. Put a test light on the starter and have power at the starter.
  9. Gettin my 1986 bayliner trophy 2460 ready to sell in the spring. Never had any issues with it. Always been very good to me. Had a fella that was gonna check it out so I went out and turned the key to check the batteries and the starter wouldnt turn. No click, nothin. Batteries r fully charged. My last two times out with it when I first fired it up I had to turn the key on and off two or three times before it would crank over. But really didnt think much of it. Any suggestions where to start? Thinkin maybe the starter solinoid was startin to go bad, now its just shot. Seems logic to me. Any suggestions? thanks for any input fellas Mike
  10. This is the quote I just got from BoatUs. Seems whenener I go online and get a quote there all over a $1000. So I took sk8man’s (Les) advice and called an agent. Statefarm just gave me a quote of $580 for 25k replacement value. 300k liability. Now I’m gettin somewhere. Thank you fellas
  11. Excellant. Thank you. Thats what I’m lookin for. Ive been in my slip a couple years without insurance, but there are some marinas that want to see insurance
  12. Winter is winding down and before we know it we will be slammin browns in skinny water. Bought my new boat last August and ran it the remainder of the season without any insurance. Really don’t want to think of the “unthinkable” but it does happen and I want to get insurance on it just for the piece of mind. Just ran a quote from progressive for an agreed value and they came back at $1400 per year. Seems expensive and they didnt ask if theres a layup or anything. I know an agreed value is more. Whats some other companys I should look into and what do some of you guys pay? Any imput is greatly appreciated thanks Mike
  13. Been following this thread. Like I posted a few months ago they are hard to find. I will keep an eye out around Little Salmon river this spring and if something comes up I will let ya know. good luck findin a boat and good luck with your 2021 season.
  14. Awesome Rick. Lots of info there. I always do the same with regular size spoons on rigger with the same spoon in a mag 10ft above on fixed cheater. Works very well.
  15. I had the same question Ryan. Rick sent me the link from fish USA for the diawa diver rods and they were out of stock a few weeks and came back in a week ago. Just got them in and paired them up with Diawa sealine 47sg reels. Definitely a solid setup for under $200
  16. Welcome to the site. Great guys with a lot of great info here. I’m out of salmon country marina in Mexico. My boat goes in mid-late march. I fish 10-20Fow the first few weeks and usually do great with the browns when I find Stained water usually in front of creeks and streams. As time goes by I keep sliding out deeper. By may/June I’ll be fishing around 60Fow and start getting more kings. When fishing 10-15fow I’ll run 1 rod on each rigger with long lead and just drop the balls down 3-4ft. Then sticks off the boards. I use the same setups all season and just change the leaders. all my rigger/ planer rods have magda pro 45’s and main line is 30lb big game with a long 12lb floura leader for browns. As I start getting more kings I beef up the leaders.
  17. Thanks for the info fellas. I have a lowerence transducer on the other side. Guess i was right with putting it on the same side as fishhawk. Worst case if I have interference I will chamge the frequency
  18. Last night I recieved my cannon transducer and mounted it. Now I have 3 transducers on the back of my boat. 1 for fishfinders one for fishhawk and now one for downrigger. I mounted it next to the fishhawk transducer. Am I gonna have problems bein so close? Really have no where else to put it. any advice is much appreciated. thanks Mike
  19. Bill I seen a similar dog (color and all)on my property when I was walkin my 6and 10year old nephews. I had the 22mag with me and It ran across about 50yrds from it. It was huge. Nephews thought it was a deer lol. I poked a round at him then went to the house and got the caller and AR. Never seen it again. I was told by a few people it’s possible it could be a CoyWolf. Who knows
  20. Awesome. Wish I was fishing instead of freezing, forming footers all day.
  21. 1st is a Catalina reel on an 8’6” uglystick roller rod. This was a spare on my boat and haven’t used it in the last 2 years. Not sure exactly how much wire or backin is on it but it’s very close to full spool. 2nd Is a Diawa Sealine SG47 on An 8’6” Offshore Gold Cup rod with twirli tip. It was just spooled with 1000ft of wire at fat nancys last September. I bought all new diver combos this winter so time to let these go. Located near Scranton Pa. Askin $100 each.
  22. Welcome to the site. Great people here with lots of knowledge and always willing to help. I learned much of what I know from this site and the members. I keep my boat at salmon country in mexico. With weather permitting I’ll be putting here in march 20th and start fishing browns. By end of may/ June I’m more focused on kings,but rough days I will come in tigher to shore for browns. April browns r up close to shore. 10-20FOW. As the season progresses they go a little deeper. Best of luck out there
  23. Welcome to the site. Lots of great guys always willing to help. I Keep my Baha 280 weekender in a slip at salmon country and fish nearly every weekend. I would trade salmon trips for tuna trips anytime! Good luck out there
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