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  1. I was up salmon country this weekend. Still 3ft low. Another two weeks she’ll b in
  2. Just came across these while goin trou my gear. There brand new in package. Got them in a lot I bought from a retired charter captain. I don’t know what to ask for them, so I’m open to offers. Private message me an offer and Best offer in a week gets them. Sometimes these old rigs are worth throwing out im a spread. I saved a bunch and gonna try them this year.
  3. Been workin with a graphic designer here in NEPA to come up with design, then had a friend that owns a viyl/tinting bussiness print and install. The design was expensive. $450. A little high IMO. But $250 for vinyl and install which i felt was resonable. The logo is 6ftx4ft. Much bigger then they look
  4. Appreciate the info. Ran the boat a couple months last year. I run it like a skidsteer. Lol. So nice havin the twin screw, wind or current dont much matter just more throttle and dont move ur rutters. I always let motors warm up. Usually fire them up when I get on then spend at 30 min gettin gear ready.
  5. Thought I’d post some finished pics of my Baha after Its finished and ready to head north. Been a long winter and spent MANY hrs cleaning her up. Think the old girl is lookin pretty sharp. Thank you fellas for all the help and imput. Next pics there will be blood on the deck
  6. Nice work Rick, great pic of the water difference, definitely what I look for when I’m out there for browns. Thanks for the report.
  7. Welcome to the site. No need to “STEAL” info. Lol. Lots of great members here with tons of knowledge that are always willing to help. Definitely look into dipseys. I started with just riggers. Didnt want to overwhelm myself with the learning curve. Dipseys are easyto use and When I incorporated them in my spread my numbers more then doubled. Best of luck this season.
  8. Thanks. Took 2 years of searchin and caught wind of this 280 weekender fully equipped last July. Absolutely love it
  9. Same here Northeast. Just pulled the baha out of my garage this weekend. Been workin on it all winter and its almost ready. Graphics r goin on this sunday. Then Next weekend she she goes to Salmon Country.
  10. Last year I had a few trips where spoons were hot and my sticks weren’t productive. I put spoons on the boards and attached a split shot 20-30ft from the spoon on the mono and they started producing hits as well.
  11. I fish out of Little Salmon River. Usually find myself setting up in front of catfish creek and trolling west to the high rocks. I run sticks on myboards and spoons off the riggers down 4-5ft. Early April I’m in the skinny water (10-20FOW) as weeks go by I get out a little deeper then dipseys join the spread. Was planning to get the boat in next weekend but with snow and ice at the marina gonna b the last weekend of march at the soonest for me to get her in. Good luck. TightLines
  12. Hachimo

    Sold / Closed 1986 Bayliner Trophy 2460

    $5000 obo. Want it out of the garage so I can pour my floor. Boat located in Lake Ariel PA.
  13. Hachimo

    Sold / Closed 1986 Bayliner Trophy 2460

    Yes still available. Fired her up yesterday and ran great after the long winter
  14. Welcome to the site. Lots of great members here that are always sharing info. This site got me hooked on Lake Ontario and gave me the knowledge to put meat on the deck. Stick around the site and I’m sure you will have many more great days. Good luck this season.
  15. Some great kills fellas. Nice work. I have a new predator ontop of my hit list. Seen odd tracks in fresh snow creepin around my duck and chicken coops then caught this guy on camrea. Hopefully next weeks warmup will melt some of this snowpack and I can try trapping for the first time.
  16. Yea me to. Sucks to spend the money on starter but the new owner will have a goodworkin backup starter and outdrive. Lol
  17. Got the new starter in and still nothing. So I unplugged the relay and jumped it there and it turned over. Ordered a new relay. Wish I checked that before I spent $100 on a new starter. thanks for all the imput fellas
  18. Just my opinion. I don’t like big boards. Used them on my trophy and had one dive on me. Thought it was gonna take the mast with it spent hrs untangling stuff while everyone around me was filling there boxes. I’m a rookie with boards and still learning. When I bought my baha I went fishing on it with Capt. Jay and he was runnin inlines with 3 copper per side. My baha has planer reels but after seeing how easy the inlines were, I went out and bought a few. I thought they would be a pain having to detch them and reeling them in but there really not
  19. No I didn’t and already had the starter out before that was mention.
  20. I got the new starter. Hopefully i will have time the end of the week to get it in and hopefully that will b the fix. If not I got lots of info to figure it out. Thanks for all the info. I’ll let ya know what it turns out to be
  21. Mexico Bay as of 5 min ago. Bill, U might b trailering over this way if u want to fish in 30days
  22. I had to learn this the hardway Kevin. Lost 400ft and 300ft of copper on the rods. But managed to handline a 24lb king to the boat. The wife took video of the nonsense
  23. Thats pretty funny Rich. We submitted our comments at the same exact time. Lol
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