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  1. Glad you hooked up. I never strictly targeted Lakers till this weekend and had a blast doin it. Saturday morning I struggled first two hours. Got info to head further west and paid off. Today we got 6 and first one came while settin the last rod. 16#. Most of my lakers came on my new Cannon Optimum while on a jiggin cycle just off the bottom. Absolutely a game changer!
  2. Feels great when the boat runs good and you have no issues on the shake down trip. Feels even better when you can’t keep fish off the lines!
  3. Startin day off right. Before my 3 rods were out hit a laker just shy of 16lb.
  4. Had a great first trip. Hauled the old Girl 200 miles from Scranton PA to Mexico Ny this morning. After rebuilding the front end of my dually last week, half way up I snapped a brand new front shock and had to take it slow, so I was a little late gettin out. Bypassed the skinny water and shot out for lakers. Started in 120FOW runnin a 3 rod spread with cowbells and Gambler rigs. Didnt move a rod from 9am-11:00. Got info to move a little more west, packed up and motored past the plant. 11:00-2:00 I went 14ish out of 20ish. Lost count after 12. Smallest Laker was 7lb. Biggest 14lb. Great to be out again. Boat ran good and looks great in the slip. Back at it first light tomarrow.
  5. I’m runnin in 170Fow in front of the plant now. 12/15 with lakers so far. Good laker bite. Cowbells pullin gambler riggs off the bottom.
  6. I will be out of little salmon river tomarrow. If tonights rain don’t add color then I’m headin out for lakers as well. Starting in 120Fow
  7. I am Haulin my baha to salmon country marina tonight and will be fishing all weekend. Brown bite is tough from all reports I’m hearing. Maybe tonights rain will add alittle color. If not I will be heading right to 120FOW in front of catfish creek and trollin west for lakers. Hammerhead cowbells towing gambler rigs 20ft behind the ball just off the bottom. Downspeed 1.4mph. I will be starting a thread tomarrow and update durring the day. Good Luck.
  8. Tell me about it Kevin. She was my first big girl! Lol. I’m selling it to a local fella that fishes out of mexico/Oswego. I’m sure I be trollin right along side her.
  9. Got it figured out. As I said in original post i put new lift motor in and worked for a couple seconds and quit. Theres a second inline fuze and fuze was popped. Put a new one in and worked a few seconds goin down then popped again. After pullin my hair out I realized the drive wasnt all the way down. The clocking wasn’t right. The motor was maxing out when outdrive was halfway down therfore blowin the fuze . I pulled motor out and spun the inside up a few rotations and now its not popping fuses and goes all the way up and all the way down till light goes out without a hitch. Thank you fellas for all your imput. much appreciated
  10. Yes, disconnected relays. Took power goin to relay and touched it with power to the lift pump. When I do that it goes up. If I do that to other relay it will go down when switch is in down position. When I am home a little later I will take a pic of the lift unit.
  11. As of now, when I flip the switch I’m not getting power to motor. When i jump relay it works great. Even with brand new relays. My problem is gotta b wiring Everything after the lift motor is in good working order. I appreciate all the help fellas. Gotta work a few hrs this morning then back at it tryin to figure this thing out.
  12. Haven’t checked ground to the relay, but the tilt motor is grounded trou the bolts. Guess thats sometim to look into.
  13. Switch is workin. Every time i flip up and down the relays click and get power.
  14. So I sold my 1986 Bayliner trophy 2460. When showing it, the lift motor took a crap. So I ordered a new lift motor and installed it today. Worked for a min then stopped working. So I checked the two relays and upon hitting up or down I get power to each relay but now power to lift motor. I jumped the relay and it works. So you would think the relays r bad. $50 later and two new relays later. Still same result. Is there something I’m missing? Something else i need to check? Got good ground to lift motor and power if I jump the relay. This one got me seriously scratchin my head. And imput is greatly appreciated. Its a volvo penta 275 outdrive.
  15. Just bought a Cannon Optimum from them two months ago. Cheapest around and shipping took 2 days. IMO great compant to deal with.
  16. Heres the dates for this year’s tournaments mentioned.
  17. What Tall Tails said. Fished them last year and will again this year. I’m out of salmon country. Good way to meet other fisherman in your area also. They have raffles and a little get together durring the weigh ins. I enjoy them.
  18. Welcome to the site Tony, lots of great members sharing tons of info. I’m out of little salmon river. Just down the road. Always good fishing right out in front of catfish creek. Good luck this season.
  19. I was up salmon country this weekend. Still 3ft low. Another two weeks she’ll b in
  20. Just came across these while goin trou my gear. There brand new in package. Got them in a lot I bought from a retired charter captain. I don’t know what to ask for them, so I’m open to offers. Private message me an offer and Best offer in a week gets them. Sometimes these old rigs are worth throwing out im a spread. I saved a bunch and gonna try them this year.
  21. Been workin with a graphic designer here in NEPA to come up with design, then had a friend that owns a viyl/tinting bussiness print and install. The design was expensive. $450. A little high IMO. But $250 for vinyl and install which i felt was resonable. The logo is 6ftx4ft. Much bigger then they look
  22. Appreciate the info. Ran the boat a couple months last year. I run it like a skidsteer. Lol. So nice havin the twin screw, wind or current dont much matter just more throttle and dont move ur rutters. I always let motors warm up. Usually fire them up when I get on then spend at 30 min gettin gear ready.
  23. Thought I’d post some finished pics of my Baha after Its finished and ready to head north. Been a long winter and spent MANY hrs cleaning her up. Think the old girl is lookin pretty sharp. Thank you fellas for all the help and imput. Next pics there will be blood on the deck
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