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Hooked Custom Lures

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  1. Hooked Custom Lures

    Boat launches with wheel chair lifts or accessible?

    Thank you for the response.
  2. We have a friend that wants to fish with us who is in a chair. I found one on cayuga at meyers park. We can get him in the boat but it would be nice to make it a little more humane for him and hopefully others. we would rally like to get him on lake ontario as well. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Hooked Custom Lures will be there.
  4. Hooked Custom Lures

    15lb DownRigger Weights

    how much?
  5. Hooked Custom Lures

    15lb DownRigger Weights

    where are you located and how much
  6. Hooked Custom Lures

    Sold / Closed Penn 820 fathom masters electric down riggers

    sold pending payment i will get back with you if it falls thru. he is taking 2
  7. Hooked Custom Lures

    Sold / Closed Finger lakes tackle spoons

    Do you have a goby color finger lakes spoon.
  8. I picked these up as spares for my boat they have flush mount electric plugs male and female. They have swivel bases and ball holder . All three work with wire on them already. only one has 2 rod holders the other 2 have single rod holder. I need some money for a bass boat build. Make an offer on all three or just one.
  9. Hooked Custom Lures

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    What about using wingers on the shallow riggers? would they act as a deep short diver? I know there are a lot of people that use them.
  10. Hooked Custom Lures

    for sale : usa Wonder Bread Trolling Gift Box

    The second picture with the black is sold! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. $25 a piece shipped. I only have these 2 in stock. Contains 1 Magnum Glow Spoon 1 5" Deep Diving Stick and a 4" Stick With a Wonder Bread Sandwich Box.
  12. Hooked Custom Lures

    Penn 820 fathom masters electric down riggers

    Thank you i will have to find a manual some where so i can catch up the maintenance. I was looking for a spare rigger and found these 3 for $200 so i decided to add them to the boat. I would guess these are around 20 years old as well seem to operate fine.
  13. Hooked Custom Lures

    Penn 820 fathom masters electric down riggers

    That is what i was thinking but it moved so i wasnt sure. Im sure i will figure them out when i get them on the water. Thank you for the insight. What weight do you run on yours and do you like the performance of them?
  14. Good evening, I just picked up 3 of theses down riggers. I am have 2 cannons and was going to add 2 of theses to my boat. If you guys could give me any advice or concerns on the operation of these units. It would be appreciated. Like auto stop and what is the yellow dial with graduated numbers for. I only have $200 invested in all three so its a win for our boat.
  15. Hooked Custom Lures

    Sold / Closed Depth Raider (SOLD)

    thats a deal just bought the sensor for $200