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  1. where are you from i have one i removed from an older boat.
  2. Not sure what they are worth. The fish hawk was off an old boat not sure if it works. but i have all the pieces including the antenna . Both downriggers operate properly. I would take trades for gear or cash would rather have gear.
  3. Awesome thank you i usually run between 1.8 - 2.4 and find the sweet spot. But was wondering when fish hawk guys say speed what should i look at but it seems to not be a real big difference.
  4. Thank you i haven"t read anything about calibration. i will have to look into that.
  5. We have never fished there and we live south by about 40 minutes.I guess we will have to slide up and check it out. Thanks for the inspiration.
  6. I have heard on another thread that i can not find that there was a difference in speed. I was thinking that the Depth Raider read slower but couldn't remember. Thank you for your input.
  7. Good evening i am looking for a prop for my Bayliner Trophy The drive is a 280 the motor is a AQ 125 . I would like to put another on to have the current one repaired . I hit some wood and bent a fin . I am open to suggestions for different pitches I only know What is on it. Thank you in advance.
  8. planing on launching out of here on Monday will or is it still open?
  9. we usually get them just north of frontenac island or north by the bouys
  10. We launched out of Long Point turned north and set up in 200 fow and trolled north at 1.4 at the ball. Marked a ton of fish. There were guys in about 150 fow or so jigging for lakers as well on the aurora side.
  11. The seminar paid off for us. Thank you again
  12. We went out of long point and found them at 150' in 200' fow. Could not seem to keep the Gambler rigs in the water. Went 5/5 bringing home 4 . cpould have got more but hard to release after pulling up from 200'. Didnt want to take chances. Water temp was warmer at 150' than surface.
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