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Hooked Custom Lures

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  1. Hooked Custom Lures

    Sold / Closed Depth Raider (SOLD)

    thats a deal just bought the sensor for $200
  2. Lot 1 Squarebill 1.5s $35 shipped Lot 2 Flicker Minnows $35 Shipped Lot 3 5" Stick Baits $25 Shipped Lot 4 Deep diving 5" Stick Baits $30 Shipped Note Pics may be out of order.
  3. We would be happy to paint some lures for you . We are Hooked Custom Baits. We do spoons and crankbaits.We use a super hard clear coat to protect the awesome designs.Pap is showing some of the work we have done for him.Feel free to message me here or look us up on Facebook. @Hooked Custom Lures Instagram @Hooked Custom Lures and www.hookedcustom.com
  4. Hooked Custom Lures


    we do have a website but we don't have alot of spoons on it right now. If you send me a pm we can talk colors and custom options
  5. Hooked Custom Lures

    depth raider

    i have everything except the probe.
  6. Hooked Custom Lures

    Repainting Flicker Shads

    Here are a couple before and after pictures of some flicker shads we were asked to do by a customer in Minnesota! He loves this colorway and wanted it on a few others he had laying around. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Hooked Custom Lures

    for sale : usa Patriotic Trio Custom Lures

    Send us a pm of which style you'd like and you can pay through PayPal
  8. Hooked Custom Lures


    We use Automotive Clear Coat
  9. Hooked Custom Lures


    Pm us some of the colorways you'd like and we can paint some up for you!
  10. Hooked Custom Lures

    for sale : usa Patriotic Trio Custom Lures

    That's so awesome!! We are glad you like it!
  11. Hooked Custom Lures


    Here is some new styles and patterns Holographic, Metal Flake, and Glow . What do you guys think.
  12. Hooked Custom Lures

    Cayuga North End of Cayuga

    We had a decent afternoon today. We went 4/5 on lakers 3 on Hooked Custom Spoons and one on flasher and homemade Fly.
  13. Here are a few lures we are excited about, and just in time for Independence Day! You can get all three for $17.76! Shipping will be $3. Show your pride, order yours today.