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  1. What motor is in this boat? 350? Has any of the stringers, transom, or bulkhead been replaced?
  2. Shocked at the blue. Ive never had luck on anything blue.
  3. I have an 18foot starcraft I fish out to 300 350 out of Braddock and Sandy. Just watch waves and wind direction. Its nothing for lady o to go from calm to 3-4 footers or more in an hour. At the end of the day its all what u feel comfortable with.
  4. 2006 trophy its not a crime at all. Was just curious. Not everyone is dishonest. I always give ppl the benefit of the doubt but there has been a lot of dishonest ppl on here. That is y you find so many ppl r leery thats all. Its a fantastic looking vessel and I'm sure anyone will be happy with it. Wish you the best of luck with the sale.
  5. Was just curious bc I saw u were interested in a 23 footer 2017 maycraft. Thought maybe there was something wrong with this one.
  6. Just got mine yesterday look great cant wait to get them in the water! Thanks Harvey super quick easy transaction and payment
  7. Hammerin' 'em

    Sold / Closed 22' Sea Nymph GLS

    Does she leak at all? Hows the transom? Gimbel bearings? Seals?
  8. Hows the transom, stringers, and floor? Where are you located?
  9. I met Jeremy a couple weeks back. He is a class act. Great guy for the few minutes I spoke with him. Keep up the good work sir!
  10. Hammerin' 'em

    for sale : usa 1984 penn yan

    How r the stringers, transom, and bulkhead?
  11. Holydiver the only time I check it to my GPS is my first trip out in the spring. Go in shallow as u can to get out of strong currents set the fh down to about 5 feet and make sure it matches ur gps. I've never had to recalibrate mine.
  12. I am no professional by any means but I very rarely ever got skunked and haven't been skunked since I got a fish hawk. My best advice to u is if u have to change plugs every 20 hrs then do it. I have a 1979 75 stinger it is loud! I've never had an issue with it interfering with the fh tho. Try changing the location of the fh that would probably help. I was out this past Sunday and last Sunday and I had to do a surface speed of 5.5-6.2 going west to get my ball speed at 2.6-3.1 heading east surface speed was 1.9-2.2 for down speed to get 2.8-3.4 slowest I could get the boat. As for leads on my riggers I run about 35-40' back then put the line to my rigger. For my dipsey I run 10foot of lead then hook on my dipsey then another lead to lure 8-10' of fluorocarbon. Lead core I run a 15' fluorocarbon lead.
  13. Fished this evening out there from 6-8 went 3 for 4. Nice 15lb king a 15lb laker and another 12lb king. All released to fight another day. All fish caught on veggie spoon 120fow down 85. My 8 year old son lost the 4th one. He wanted to do it all on his own. Did great but horse him a little too much. Spoon came out about 50 from back of the boat. Didn't see what it was but it looked to b a pike.
  14. Man I have a ton of these! Didn't know guys still used them.
  15. I always used BIG HIT CHARTERS out of the genny until I got my own boat. Captain Jeff is awesome! He's actually docked next to Bruce on HOOKED UP CHARTERS. He's a great guy too.
  16. Thanks guys for the info. I did see the danger marine videos very informative. I found a guy out of port bay that will do the seals pump and impeller. Rather leave the motor work to the pros.
  17. Looking for a trustworthy reliable person to do seals on my 1979 75hp stinger. Had a guy lined up from the fall said he'd do it in the spring. I called him in February he said to call back the end of March. Been trying to reach him now for 3 weeks with no luck. Most marina's won't touch it bc it's too old they say. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thought of doing it myself just don't know if I have the right tools. Any input on doing it myself would be great also. Thanks!
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