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  1. Don't forget Goby patterns! Stingers, FLT, Sticks by Bay Rat.
  2. I'm not sure who or what you are referring to Alumacraft, I thought I was asking a legit question. Kathleen, thanks for your response, I wasn't trying to low ball or get you to drop pricing. Sorry for your loss and good luck with the sale
  3. Took a ride there yesterday with the boat, being by myself, there was no way I was gonna launch. Went to the river instead.
  4. I was born in 1956, so what would I have to do?
  5. So I've owned a boat for 20+years, do I have to take this course? I thought we were grandfathered in before it became a law.
  6. What is it?
  7. Reeldrag


    What is a Gary D rig?
  8. Is there a launch at the south end?
  9. North End, South end, middle?
  10. I work in Canandaigua and I was thinking about hauling the boat down next week for some afternoon trolling. Never trolled the finger lakes and I'm looking for a little info. I know there are rainbows there and I think Lake Trout, how and where would be the best way to target them.
  11. Thanks Bill. That last pic is a hog for sure!
  12. How did you make out today Bill? Gonna try this Saturday out of Braddocks.
  13. Are we talking about Scotch Bonnet Gap?
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