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  1. Nice deer Hope they don't bust of any of their jewelry
  2. Wow I never seen anything Like that I defiantly would not swim in that lake. I have a place on Black lake and have been seeing more than usual on the pike .
  3. Beautiful fish Love the tigers !! Congrats
  4. Long Eddy Sullivan County
  5. Looks great 👍 I just finished planting 5 acres of radish Something new for me to try My old food plot has some bear activity this week!!
  6. Had a good day yesterday at Cayuga fished from 8am till 2pm found most of the fish at 100 to 145 fow fish seemed to hit anything green liked the (gin and tonic) and (cant afford it) also did very well on some homemade flies. Ran dipseys around 100'to 200' out and cannon balls down 90' to 120' down speeds around 1.9 to 2.3.
  7. Between all the crazy weather and cold ,had a great time!! Musky and walleye
  8. Awesome!!! This morning was A low barometric pressure I heard turkeys gobbling everywhere
  9. You couldn't ask for anything more !! Congrats
  10. luckylouie

    for sale : usa Crestliner

    I'd find a different community.
  11. luckylouie

    for sale : usa Crestliner

    Sweet boat why are you selling?
  12. He's looking for your turkeys
  13. Ain't that the truth!!
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