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  1. What about getting tracks that mount to each gimbal. That would give you a whole lot of room that could easily be taken off or rod holders moved around
  2. I run mine off a 6 inch track on the corners bolted down through a backing plate. I dont have any issues with 12 pound weights
  3. I have 6 suremount downrigger brackets that fit the crestliner gunnel track system or anywhere suremounts are applicable. 2 were used for down riggers and the other 4 were used as track mounts so they all have a few mounting holes in them. I'd like to sell in at least pairs of 2 for $50 for the pair and that I cludes shipping. If you would like all 6 it is 45 a piece and I will cover shipping. All work and function as they should.
  4. Theres been a few on market place in the port Clinton ohio area
  5. Guys here on erie run a jet 30 off a normal size walleye board
  6. I'll take 225 for the probe
  7. I'm wanting to upgrade to the new probe so hoping to sell my old one to help save some money. Only used a few weeks a year and I think about 2 years old. I'm located in ohio so I will cover shipping. I'm asking 250.00 that saves you 100 over the price of a new x4 probe.
  8. I have a veridian laser attachment for a smith and Wesson shield plus a reactor auto activate holster made to go with the laser. It was installed, sighted in, then never carried. No scratches or anything on the holster or laser. I just replaced the batteries in it to make sure it works and will also include the 2 extra that came with it. It has the original bag, paperwork and also allen key and screw for adjustment. Originally 120 new I will sell with shipping included for $100.00
  9. That's all thats pretty much used on lake erie with good success.
  10. I run a 7 8 and 8.5 for walleye and 7 and 8.5 for salmon out of a 21ft boat
  11. bought a new knife before this one arrived for an upcoming trip. This is brand new unopened. Comes with case and 4 sets of blades. Retails for 130 to 150. 115 and that will include shipping in the US.
  12. Ohio to olcott well be there Monday afternoon
  13. Seeing if anyone has a 400 copper or weighted steel they would like to part with. Well be in olcott Monday I'd like to meet there or along the way.
  14. I'll take lot 2 I'll pm you.
  15. That will get you running and not have any issues that's what I run and cant say weve had any problems. I've ran 4 divers 2 riggers and 2 board lines also. Just have to make sure your boards get out a ways and make slow wide turns.
  16. I would look at using a Sam's pro release if it will connect to the front of a church board. The offshore mags have no problem with a 300 copper
  17. Are you able to release church boards? I've never used them but my offshore mags are set to release and have only had it dive a time or 2 when it didnt release all the way
  18. Diawa wilderness medium heavy rods with the twili tip. Best 20 dollar rod ever made.
  19. I also have a 7ft inside rod and 8.5 outside and usually expand the spacing of my rod holders when running 2 dipsys. For walleye we consistently run 3 or 4 a side
  20. I run the dream weaver deeper divers with no ring. 124mm mag on the inside 1 setting and 107mm 3 setting on the outside and dont have any issues.
  21. Check out fined tuned welding on Facebook he custom makes everything and his work is 2nd to none. I have all his stuff on my boat.
  22. I disagree, I could run that spread on my 21 ft boat pretty easily. I think the only thing I would take out is the chute rod just because I only have an 8 ft beam.
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