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  1. If you request the HD pics on the Spypoints they look crisper I really like the detection range on them and they fire back quickly. and when d ya oh pull the cards to a PC pics look better I think
  2. I really am not sure I will buy any more Deltas may look at other models that send video but the $ is ridiculous for them . As often as I check my cams the non cells that run video do a good enough job and you can get a bunch out there easier
  3. Love the Moultries now running 1 6000 5 7000s 2 Deltas The video quality keeping the 6000 on video mode is outstanding! 7000 are amazing both stills and video keep them on both mode a little rough on batteries I get about 3 months till they get low You guys gotta try the new Deltas the video quality to your cell phone is incredible!! Crisp and has sound . SPYPOINT pics are low quality but have a better detection range . I keep them on roads and driveways around my property in Allegany seeing a lot!of bears too
  4. September antlerless what fg joke just open crossbow Oct 1st . Happy it won’t be around my land in Allegheny County! I love the Holiday extension bout time ****head NY laws suck
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