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Found 236 results

  1. Got out for the first time on the lake yesterday. Spent the afternoon before cleaning up the cottage and getting the boat ready for the year. My boat dock is in need of serious repair but I cobbled together some temp repairs. Good news was the boat ran great and weather mostly cooperated. Bad news was fishing was pretty slow. Started out deep but wasn't seeing much for bait so worked my way in closer. Started marking bait balls in less than 60 FOW with a few arcs, hooked up with a nice leaping salmon on a yozuri stick off 2 colors of lead just inside debris line from a tributary. Fish ripped the inline board backwards and then nothing, thought he was off but he was running at the boat. He surfaced in the prop wash leaping behind by dr cable and then wrapped up and self released on the cable but politely left the lure, fish looked to be 3-4lbs. Boated one salmon about 16" with a lamprey near another point. He came off a jointed rapala on the surface off an inline board in about 30fow. Slow day but I didn't get skunked and no major issues so I'll take it. Did notice lots of alewives in the shallows later that day. Water temps were 53-58. On my way home I stopped and fly fished a local stream which was a lot more productive, got about 1/2 dozen cookie cutter stockie browns that were surface feeding on a variety of bugs including some big cahills and march browns. Got chased off by thunder/lightening...
  2. Went out of Watkins Glen and we got on the lake around 10 a.m., hoping the south wind wasn't going to be as bad as it was. One mile out the lake was full of sheep so i went on a joy ride and practiced my seamanship for a while on the white caps and after a few hours the wind finally settled down enough to drag a few lines close to shore. Went 1 for 3 on landlocked salmon. All small fish, nothing picture worthy.. Nice to have a day off and get out on the water after a long winter.
  3. BIG Fish Friday, May 24th Where: Stivers Marina (We'll meet in the parking lot between 96A and the railroad tracks (See picture). $20 Winner Take All!!! Fishing starts at 5 am and weigh-in will be at 4 PM. Trout and Landlocked Salmon only. Seneca Lake only. Trolling? No problem Drifting? No problem Contact me to sign up on here or at my cell, 315-283-0060 Who's In? 1) Zebedee (Jason) 2) DJH (Dan) 3) cdgn troller
  4. Anyone had any luck getting a dock reserved at Seneca lake state park? Ive called many times over the last month only to be put on hold or told they will call me back. Getting close to memorial weekend and no dock reserved. No call back..... Maybe they are free this year.
  5. After seeing fisherdudes outstanding trout pictures I realize how far behind I am getting things ready this year.Weatherman says Its supposed to snow this weekend .No fishing. After next weekend its 22 days till NLT.and 15days days till Barney derby. That leaves one weekend for a shakedown cruse. I think to be fair Fisherdude should tie one hand behind his back.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of shape Catherine Creek is in? I hikes a couple of miles of Catherine last fall and it was still quite a mess from the past summers' flooding. Most of the traditional holes were almost completely filled in with sediment. With a relatively dry winter I would imagine that relatively little sediment was flushed out or new holes created.
  7. Trolled last night for a couple hours 5-7pm, went 4-6 started off trolling for browns, picked up a laker off 5 color leadcore.. kicked the motor down and put suttons on the weighted rods had a lot more action, all fish were 2-5lbs range.. no silvers but will be out this week looking for some.. started in 6ft then made my way out to 40-60ft and found the laker bite out there
  8. I’ve always had a couple eels stick to the side of the boat this time of year but my dad went out hand lining flashers for a couple hours earlier and scooped a Hand full of eels off the side of the boat.. said he could’ve had more but his hands were full most of the time ( he caught 5 lakers none of which had eels on them) crazy! For 2 1/2 hours of fishing
  9. Looking to tie some hochies over the winter and looking for recipes for use on Seneca Lake for the 2019 season. Anyone have any recipes that work well.
  10. Any fishing reports on Seneca lake ? Have not heard much since the flooding .
  11. Got out Friday morning solo to do some trolling. Last trip resulted in a broken downrigger clutch and a failing transducer so it was nice to have everything back up and running. Wanted to run a bit north but an early south breeze kept me on the south end, not much action for the first 1-2 hrs but finally got into a nice salmon on west side which proceeded to put on an aerial display, tangle into the leadcore and come unglued behind the boat! Circled back again and this time landed a nice 20" salmon which went in the cooler. Subsequent passes produced a nice laker, a smaller bow and a smaller salmon which all went back to the lake. Finally left my hot spot and headed farther north for a bit and just as I was getting ready to pull lines and head home the rigger line popped and I had a great fight with an aerial rainbow that made it to the net at 4.5 lbs, 23.5" . Not a bad morning for me. Most of the fish came off the riggers at 38', laker was at 60', depths at 125-200, chicken wing and alewife pattern spoons. Speed 2-2.5 . All fish hit heading north on downwind side of points Yesterday morning headed out with a friend back to same area. Found the fish bagain ut couldn't get em to bite, tried different angles/depth/speed/colors/etc but only got 1 legal rainbow on the leadcore. A neighbor fishing in the area did one salmon. Oh well. Seneca is looking OK after the flooding. Visibility is still limited to 5/6 ft but debris wasn't bad except closer to shore and weeds were sporadic and not a major issue, no fleas. Got out Friday evening for some bass fishing and had a nice sunset
  12. I am heading up to Seneca Lake this weekend and was wondering if anyone has been out on the lake and what the conditions are like. I read that they are making progress removing the debris at least the larger peace’s, but have not read much else. Any updates would be appreciated.
  13. Got a lot of friends in the area working DOT/highway crews and Fire / EMS - it's a real mess between Seneca and Cayuga lakes in Seneca county. From the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association :
  14. Hammerhead cowbells & Gambler rigs available at Roys marina Hey guys thanks to Brian (Gambler) and Jim Piano for hookin us up at Roys marina on Seneca lake with hammerhead cowbells (4/0&5/0) and gambler rigs!! If you're looking for certain colors or sizes just give us a call or Pm!!
  15. Hello all my family and I will be coming up to Seneca for a week in mid July. I am bringing my 14ft Starcraft. Will be renting a house in the Lodi section of lake. Been reading about jigging for lake trout. Also have a set of down riggers. Would it be worth while to troll leadcore too. This flea issue has me a little worried. I have a few Davis spinners and numerous flies and plugs and spoons. What about for warm water species is it weedy. Is the lake ok to swim. Are there any bait shops in area. Thanks for time first time up that way can’t wait. Jeff Union CT
  16. Will be coming to Watkins Glenn the weekend of 7/12-16 for the Wine festival. While the wives are tasting we will be fishing. Looking for any information on where to go and what to use on Seneca Lake. Will be launching in Watkins Glenn. Thanks for the help
  17. So this was our tenth year fishing the derby (maybe ninth). We started out Saturday in front of the Keuka outlet. I know the registration numbers were down but it seemed way more crowded than the last couple years. we had good screens and good temps to start so we set up in the top 30 feet and fished on the drop. We did this for a couple hours before we finally got our first hit. it turned out to be our only hit of the day. We boated what turned out to be a 4.2 lb LL which at the time of weigh in at Sampson was top of the board. It all went downhill from there. Saturday my daughter was not feeling well and wasn't eating or drinking by Sunday AM i told my brother who was on the way to go back home as my girl was dehydrated and getting worse. by 9 am we were in the ER with her which led to her being admitted to strong. Monday the wife felt bad so she sent us fishing but my heart just wasn't in it we made two quick passes at the north end one top water one dragging cowbells and grease traps. not a single hit despite seeing some good marks. As i said i just wasn't into it so after 2 hours we called it and i was back to strong where i ended up staying until late Tuesday. She is home now but still not recovered. i finally looked at the results not expecting a 4lb fish to mean anything and low and behold I'm in 5th. I look a little closer and they posted the fish as 4.02 instead of 4.2 which would have been 2nd instead of 5th. I sent an email inquiring if someone could look at the sheet but I am not expecting anything because i didn't bring it up before the derby ended. I have no qualms with the derby committee i think they are doing an excellent job with trying to grow and improve the event. I just wish I had been paying more attention. the important thing is my girl is showing signs of recovery though its still a little up in the air. so even though I placed i'm kind of jaded on the derby partially because of the fishing but mostly because it was a rough weekend for me personally i was surprised to see the small size of silver fish that placed i think it points towards a possible die off of older fish? I dont have the answers but I hope the lake recovers at this point i dont know if i will fish this next year. that is something i never questioned in the past. congrats to all those who managed to find fish and thanks to the derby committee for running another good event. sorry no pics i really didnt think the fish had any chance PS it had at least 5 sawbelly's in its stomach all different sizes from 2 inch to 6 inch
  18. Just got done fishing the trout derby could not help to notice the amount of dead bullheads and the ones swimming on the surface look like they have something growing on their skin. Anybody else notice? Congratulations to all the people who placed with their fish.
  19. It's that time of year again...If you are staying at Sampson or are fishing out of Sampson sound off. Also pics of your fishing rigs are cool to. I am staying there fishing off a 21' Sylvan. Oh and most importantly good luck to everyone and let's have a safe derby! Jeremy
  20. They will be interviewing the guy that caught the winning fish last year on Fishstix boat. It will be a telephone interview live between 11 and 11;30. I will not be able to listen as its to far away . If someone manages to catch the interview there might be some good information.I hope its not to good . If someone hears the interview let us know .
  21. Fished out of Watkins this morning. Put lines in about 7:30 and picked up about 11:30. Went 5 for 9 all silvers....dropped a big brown at the back of boat. Fished inside 100 fow, all fish came on spoons. Fatties all looked heathy.
  22. Is there going to be a sports show in Watkins glen this year ? if So when is it would think it would be the 17th But not sure . Thanks
  23. I just got my brochure in the mail. May 26,27 and 28th. PH number for questions is 315 789 5520. I think the website is www.laketroutderby.org please correct me if wrong. A message to the people who run this. PM me I would like more brochures to spread around. Yea Im the guy that won this last year, I plan on winning again this year. 10 thousand sweet. Might even buy some new fishing string.Well best of luck to all and let the b--busting begin.
  24. Is there going to be a sports show in Watkins glen this year ? if So when is it would think it would be the 17th But not sure . Thanks
  25. Lure Selection - Seneca Heading to Seneca in 2 weeks, north end between Geneva and Hi Banks. If you had a few days to fish and had to bring / buy a handful of lures, what would you guys recommend? Any certain brand or size of spoons? Probably make a run to Cabela's (Buffalo) and get a few things beforehand. Am capable of running 2 downriggers and 4 dipsys at a time. Have a few flasher fly setups and some cowbells that I've used on Keuka. Nice post Sk8man on the Silvers! thread, I'll probably follow your advice on where to start looking. Don't have a temp prob so will have to let the fish and bait show me how deep to run lures. Have gotten great advice on this site in years past so thanks for any recommendations ahead of time!
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