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Fished West of port in 100-130 and did a good number of kings, coho and lakers.  Stinger stingrays in NBK, Froggy glow and Moonshine Carbon 14 were the top producing spoons.  Riggers at 35, 50 and 75, 5,7,and 10 colors, and divers out 120,150,180 and 210 all took fish.  All the kings were under 14 lbs. 



Fished East of port in 90-110 and did about the same number of fish as the previous trip just a better size.  Kings up to 17lbs and fewer coho.  This day we took some fish on flasher and fly combos.  Atommik Bam fly behind a Mt Dew flasher was the top combo.  I put a custom flasher I taped and painted down with a Regular sized UV Kryptonite Gambler Rig and took multiple kings on this rig fished 5' off the bottom for lakers!  All the same spoons produced from the previous trip.  



Fished East of port again in 90-110 early and then 130 late in the day for lakers. We had a great first hour and then it turned into a steady pick.  Same spoons, same flasher and Gambler Rig took kings, Coho, lakers and an Atlantic.  For the lakers late day, Hammerhead Froggy cowbells with a Bullfrog and UV Kryptonite Gambler Rig took all our lakers. 


The bait is starting to show up along the bottom out deeper.  A lot of the kings and coho we kept were loaded with 2" - 4" long alewife.  Anyone that uses the free launch at Sandy, bring waterproof boots to launch your boat.  The water is over the first part of the dock.  





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