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My boat made its annual pilgrimage to olcott Friday night. We filled her with gas (ouch) and tied up safely at the dock at about 8:30 PM.


I didn't have any solid intel, so I winged it Saturday; we started our morning in 80 feet of water on a northwest troll just east of Wilson. We had top lines on one board, short cores on the other board with ss spoons, and a mix of regular/mag spoons and meat on Riggers and Dipseys.  

we started the day with a coho on a 4 color core, and that rod went off again about 15 minutes later (probably another ho). Then I had a hit on the top line with a red spoon, and we missed that one too. We decided to move out looking for Kings because everyone was in the LOC, and we eventually found good screens in 180 to 220 on the east side of the bar.  We picked away at two-year-old salmon, with the biggest one being maybe about 10 pounds. All told we had 14 or 15 bites, but it was a weird, un-patternable, frustrating bite overall.  My long lines were getting short hit a lot.  We simplified our spread to 8 rods with all the traffic, and I think every rod took a bite, but I don't think we had more than two or three bites on any individual rig.  Tons of fish on the screen, lots of streakers- frustratingly few takes.  Blue was the spook color of the day and our better fish came on riggers 90-115 and meat on dipseys 200+ out.

i've been having my son and nephew fish a lot more, and they were out again Saturday!  I had them catch all of the fish. Spring kings are wild, so our catch rate was... pretty low.   That's OK with me though!!! The boys had a good time and we went in at about 11:15 when the east wind had become particularly annoying.  


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