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Resetting lines on planer boards.

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I run both inline and big boards. Have no issues with multiple lines of same length or short leads.   Multiple long lines per side are where I have problems.  To save the headaches I now just run  a 300 copper on one side and a 10 color core on the other.  Would like to try 2 long lines per side.  300 copper and 200 weighted steel and a 10 color and 5 or 7 color.  Theoretically the 300 copper and 10 color should be on the inside since they are deeper but my question is how do you reset an outside line and get it around the inside line without clearing the inside line? Either with inlines or big boards.

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Inlines say you want to put your 200 back out past your 300 thats out? Let 200 out clip board on then let it free spool no drag straight back until 200 board is Significantly farther back then your 300 board. Engage spool and it will pull itself out over and beyond the closer deeper 300. If your depth perception is not the best let it free spool 2xSignificantly farther. Avoid turning when doing the above.

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