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  1. 16 or 18# shark weight. works fine on the water its mounted on piece of track filler/tread?
  2. PVC coupling or reducer to fit in livewell drain and short piece of pvc pipe long enough to keep water level where you want it. Get your measurements and head for your local hardware/home supply and mock it up.
  3. Go to Big Jon website. They are in Interlochen Michigan. 231-275-1010 Dwy Drobena is his name real helpful. Parts diagrams and such on website. www.bigjonsports.com They're probably setting up for Ultimate Fishing show Grand Rapids today but give them a shot. Good at responding if you leave message or email.
  4. 1st its February 28th people are launching and fishing right now. Is it that bad you cant get through this season? If the answer is yes check out No Fish Nick youtube transom rebuild theres 2 videos. Also check out Calumet Marine transom renewal lots of photos and descriptions. Foam and motor well tub will all come out. Those phillips head are probably secured with nut like starfish with tentacles embedded in transom wood. There is a load of work just getting everything out and dismantled. Both those renewals I referred to above are done inside shops with people that have sheet metal work experience. You can get it done but do you want to sacrifice this season. Go fishing think about it gather information. Then after Labor Day let the real labor begin.
  5. There's something being discussed in state of Michigan about selling additional license/stamp so angler could troll additional rods on Michigan great lakes. Dont know any other details other than it would be specific to Michigan great lake waters if it gets beyond discussion. Michigan has shoreline on all great lakes except Ontario and supposedly extra license/stamp funds would be earmarked for the fisheries use. Couldn't find the thread with info so I might be dreaming this up? Found it. https://www.thesouthend.org/index.php/forum/the-watercooler/6577-great-lakes-salmon-initiative-1-6-24?start=0
  6. What John E Powell said and yes on hydraulic steering. Maybe check on autopilot interface with your GPS/Sonar and outboards your looking at?
  7. use garbage can or barrel with water instead of muffs. Muffs with hose under pressure will push water thru and give you idea impeller functioning. Then when you trailer to go fishing you will be disappointed .
  8. Inlines say you want to put your 200 back out past your 300 thats out? Let 200 out clip board on then let it free spool no drag straight back until 200 board is Significantly farther back then your 300 board. Engage spool and it will pull itself out over and beyond the closer deeper 300. If your depth perception is not the best let it free spool 2xSignificantly farther. Avoid turning when doing the above.
  9. keep rod tip down pointed at board/water until you get within rod length or less of board then lift back up remove.
  10. Tie bar to main motor for steering and Pro Troll control for speed adjustment from helm or upgrade to remote.
  11. Lure Jensen or similar chrome/blue prism dodger with 16 to 18" mono to #6 or 8 long shank hook with worm threaded on hook. pinch off any more than 1/2" off worm hanging off hook. Pop Geer or Les Davis trolling rigs set up same way with worm. Use worms not night crawlers. That will get you catching while you fine tune your fly presentation.
  12. Tough to see but model Starcraft 191V if you look close
  13. From your brothers in Michigan City IN theres a Capt Roundtable discussion that will be live on Reel 2 Reel Outdoors youtube and facebook tomorrow afternoon. Hosted by Adam Knudsen at 5pm. Its Lake Michigan south end but theres no football until Sunday so check it out if you can. Heres flyer I hope shows in post. Thanks Gill-T January HCC Seminar Flyer.pdf
  14. look at rivet/screw heads on transom to see if any dimpling around head happening, sign of moisture in wood during freeze thaw cycle. If your able park boat in water overnight then pull drain plug while on the ramp incline next day and wait 20-30 minutes to let any water work its way back.
  15. There have been eating "advisorys" since the 70's. Probably slow news cycle so its back in the news.
  16. is that a chest freezer on port side behind bench seat?
  17. is boat still in water at Cayuga?
  18. Look up Bullfrog rivets and watch video. I had 20+ rivets replaced using that system works great. Blind rivet. Block frame with jack stands, wood blocks etc.. Don't go under trailer when adding water to boat unless its blocked!
  19. 2nd the Hewescraft got 210 Searunner from Calumet Marine before they moved to Thunderjet another NorthWest style all welded aluminum hull and transom style boat. Dealer by Cleveland Erie Marine sell Hewescraft and North River welded aluminum boats and sell/service the big four outboards. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Mercury. They are big time into fishing so they understand your wants and needs. Check them out they do in water demonstrations quite often so you can actually ride/drive a model before you pull the trigger. If you compare actual dealer price quotes on similar equipped boats you will be pleasantly surprised. Avoid internet hearsay and the I heard bs from people that dont own them. Give them a call. Its not that far and you wont be going back except to fish walleye or buy a bigger model.
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