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  1. 2nd the Hewescraft got 210 Searunner from Calumet Marine before they moved to Thunderjet another NorthWest style all welded aluminum hull and transom style boat. Dealer by Cleveland Erie Marine sell Hewescraft and North River welded aluminum boats and sell/service the big four outboards. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Mercury. They are big time into fishing so they understand your wants and needs. Check them out they do in water demonstrations quite often so you can actually ride/drive a model before you pull the trigger. If you compare actual dealer price quotes on similar equipped boats you will be pleasantly surprised. Avoid internet hearsay and the I heard bs from people that dont own them. Give them a call. Its not that far and you wont be going back except to fish walleye or buy a bigger model.
  2. this is link for advertisement for Bullfrog Rivet gun. It has a video showing the repair in detail. An old Lund dealer replaced 23 lose or missing rivets on a 1986 Starcraft center console I had that was leaking about 5+ gallons an hour. you might check your area for an established dealer and see if they can hook you up. https://www.traxstech.com/BFRD_1_Bull_Frog_Rivet_Deluxe_Repair_Kit_p/bfrd-1.htm
  3. Hope the rest of you have seen this post. Please check and comment. There is also a section where you can see how others have commented. There are many that do not want anything done to the pop. of the cormorants. They eat around 1 lb of fish daily per bird. They do not care if it is a small coho or alewife it is food for them. Do you feel the numbers are getting to high? Do you feel they need to be kept in check? Now you have a chance to be heard.
  4. Regulations.gov - Your Voice in Federal Decision Making Migratory Bird Permits: Management of Conflicts Associated with Double-Crested Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) Throughout the United States This Proposed Rule document was issued by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) For related information, Open Docket Folder Action Proposed rule. Summary The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) proposes to establish a new permit for State and federally recognized Tribal (hereafter “Tribe” or “Tribal”) wildlife agencies for the management of double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus; hereafter “cormorants”). The new permit would authorize specific take activities that are normally prohibited and are intended to relieve or prevent impacts from cormorants on lands within State or Tribal jurisdictions to address conflicts related to the following issues: wild and publicly stocked fish stocked by State agencies or Tribes; Tribal- and State-owned or operated aquaculture facilities (including hatcheries); human health and safety; State- or Tribal-owned property and assets; and threatened and endangered species (listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended, or identified in State- or Tribal-specific legislation as threatened or endangered). The Service would retain ultimate authority for regulating the take of cormorants. States and Tribes would have the discretion to determine whether, when, where, and for which of the above purposes they would conduct lethal take within limits and allocations set by the Service.www.regulations.gov/document?D=FWS-HQ-MB-2019-0103-1411 . There is a comment button on the upper right hand corner of the page. Dates You must submit written comments on this proposed rule by July 20, 2020.
  5. Not sure? Did you slide tree out of track and look at bottom of tree base to see if theres fasteners to tighten or access the lift and twist portion?
  6. Here is craigslist ad link for Ocean Pro with bulkhead thats loaded in my opinion. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/boa/7099302846.html There is a group Hewesnation on facebook lots of Great Lakes posts.
  7. I think the 2 standard colors of hardtop are grey or white, get the white. Ocean Pro 240 hardtop has portapot with canvas curtain. Get it without rear bulkhead for loads of air and great visibility and hearing. Unless you really need the bulkhead.
  8. Marks that are on path to collide with you show red, when they are clear or going opposite from you show green. Can see rain showers or birds flying even large balloons on the water. Like anything practice in daylight when skys clear so you know what your looking at when visibility sucks> Shimmed at slight downward angle so if your moving 5+ you wont have any blind spots in front of you when your bow starts rising. Your boat may be different. My rod holders on rear no issue.
  9. If you scroll down classifieds to Sunday there is a 2000 Pursuit for sale it looks like a current charter rig. for sale : usa2000 Pursuit 3000 Offshore By SPECIAL-EYES, September 20
  10. Garmin Reactor autopilot with Smartpump on a Hewescraft 210 Searunner 225 Honda with 9.9 Honda kicker. Autopilot steers 225 which is connected to 9.9 with tie bar. Troll with 9.9 95% of the time. Troll patterns( zig/zag, circles etc..)
  11. 1983 catalog shows 2700# empty. https://gradywhite.blob.core.windows.net/media/2814/1983.pdf Photos are deceiving from a distance but looks like your light on tongue at the least. What year is trailer? one of the previous owners probably replaced trailer and got one that looked "good enough" for their anticipated use.
  12. Hewescraft dealer on west edge of Cleveland probably 4 hrs from Buffalo. Erie Marine I think is the name. They are on the dealer page on Hewescraft website. Tough boats. I have the SeaRunner model with a little over 500hrs the last 3 years, more than happy.
  13. when you added floor, motor, fuel tank etc.. it is sitting lower in water. Did not look up your build to see what make of boat. I had 22' Starcraft center console 1985. Thru hull fittings and rivets were issue. cut plugs from wood dowels. Wired brushed holes after removing thru hull fittings. Sanded plug so about a third would just barley fit in hole. buttered it up with 5200 then drove it home with mallet with wood block in between. Bullfrog rivets replaced 38 rivets in hull. Went from leaking 5+ gallons an hour to 1 gallon in 5 hours. Transom bolts same as thru hull fittings. Plug let dry for a couple weeks then drill and replace bolts. Did you replace transom?
  14. Older EZ-steer I had between outboards. 75$ plus shipping.
  15. You might contact local TV and newspapers in their area and see if they will do a Consumer watch dog type piece to rub their noses in local bad press, especially with local area boat and outdoor shows happening. South Bend Tribune has large footprint in that area. South Bend has a NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates. Ft Wayne has all networks and several newspapers. The more facts and correspondence from them that you can provide will help.
  16. I have a 21' aluminum boat with extended transom 225 main with 9.9 kicker. Have Garmin Reactor autopilot with Smartpump shadow drive. Works great. Run to waypoints, troll patterns like zig zag 15 degrees every 5 mins or whatever you set, circle turns back to where you had release. Shadow drive when running with autopilot and something in water catches your eye you just turn wheel to avoid, let go of wheel your back on autopilot. No reaching for buttons or reading menu choices just grab the wheel and your in control. Trolls excellent.
  17. X4 new Sept 2017. upgraded to X4D July this year. Power cable and transducer same so just swapped display and probe on boat. $500 plus shipping.
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