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fishing "in the Bay" is spotty. Just nw in deeper water is hot for salmon. Fish 50 to 55 deg break and it;s been moving down every day I been out. Day before yesterday it was 90 too 100 ft down, The best fishing I've ever seen in early July 160 to 225 fow. Chrome/ a little green on the paddles with an old Siggs rigs mirage fly and LLB Atomic meat rigs with Atomic cut bait is working good and consistent. A lot of 2 yr old fish with an occasional mature but not a lot of the one year olds a lot of boats are taking. Giant Lakers are about 12 miles north of the bay in 130 to 160 fow with cowbells and spin and glows run just off bottom. Brown trout are west of the plant in 70 to 90 fow. Go get um. I scheduled a couple weeks off to take care of some personal business and wish I didn't now. Good luck!!




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