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Pike Hunter

new intro

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Boat: Wellcraft V-21 Steplift

Location: Irondequoit Bay - Sutter Marina

Despite my nickname, Pike Hunter, I target mostly small mouth bass in the Big O and Pike in the bay. I grew up in Long Island chasing Blue fish, flounders at Great South Bay and I go for Tuna whenever I ride on my couins's off shore boat. I lived in Rochester for nearly 20 years and have started fishing 6 years ago. The freshwater fishing is a lot tricker as compared to fishing in the ocean.

My goal for 2007- having just bought a trolling motor, I will be spending more time chasing trout and salmon this season.

I find it very worthwhile to learn as much as I can from the gang on this BB.

I wish you all a safe and successful fishing season.


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Pike Hunter, welcome to the board. This site will definitly help you out as much as you need, just about any question will be answered by one of the many very knowledgable fisherman, and thats a understatment. Good luck to you also this coming fishing season.


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