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Got out for a few hours NE wind kept it chilly and foggy on the water. Went 7 for 7 with the largest being just over 7 lbs. Only had 4 boards out and best color was a Rapala f9 SiIver/Chartreuse. The other colors were brown trout and in storm prism gold shiner, black/gold w/orange belly. We had one double and one when I was letting the line out. Forgot how much fun that is when your reaching for a planer and you get yank yank yank. Water temp was 37.5-36.8 depending on depth. Mostly stayed around 2-2.25 trolling.  It was more of a shake down day and getting back into a rhythm.  DEC was there checking boats and reminding people that you need a life jacket this time of year. 

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