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Chautauqua Lake 5-16 thru 5-23 - REPORT

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Weather started off cold and by Wednesday was 80.

Begininning of the week was tough fishing. We couldnt consistantly find perch/bass or walleyes. We did however find that the musky population is not hurting as they were chasing everything we threw in every location we went to. Had a couple hookups too and landed 1.

Weeds are starting to cover many of the smaller bays and should provide some decent edges to troll along but they were not well formed this week. We tried Prendergast, Long Point, Dewittville Bay, Irwin Bay,South Basin sunken islands, Bell Tower, etc etc etc with very little to show for it.

Perch started becoming aggressive on Tuesday and were no issues to find/catch, mostly 7-10".

Large Mouth Bass were dormant. I think they are pre-spawn as from our dock I could see a dozen sitting in less than a foot of water. Couldnt get them to move at all and they weren't protecting anything.

On thursday evening we found the EYES. In the Mayville flats 4-8 FOW. The smallest we caught was 18.5" the largest was 22.5". The weeds were not in thick yet so we were able to slow troll a Wallydiver (Perch color) and I was using a Thunderstick JR. (Yellow/orange).

Wife caught 20 Rockbass in less than 2 hrs drifting on Warners Bar. It made her happy to outfish the rest of us in the boat...even if it was just rockbass.

Anyways There is the report for now...Thanks Eric

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