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Captain Jack's Big Fish Friday (Wayne County Pro-Am)

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Captain Jack's Big Fish Friday (During Wayne County Pro-Am)

Date: "PRE-FISH FRIDAY" July 17, 2009 Entry fee $100.00 cash only

Register at Captain Jack's Good Time Tavern (Tom Frank)

8505 Greig St. Sodus Point

Cell phone info 585-721-8572

All cash registration entry fees are paid to Captain Jack's only

-Registration deadline July 16

-You do not need to be fishing the Wayne County Pro/Am to enter

-Trout and Salmon allowed, NY State laws in effect, illegal fish will disqualify your team (Active DEC weighing fish)

-Observers are not needed and there are no age limits for this event

-3 heaviest fish, only 3 fish per cooler allowed at weigh-in

-Weigh in starts at Noon at the big tent at Abes' Waterfront

-You must be in line by 3pm, absolutely no later

-Fish must be caught on the day of the event, DEC discretion allowed

-No altering of fish in any way or your team will be disqualified

-You do not need to be present to win, however it is at your discretion to make your presence known to get paid

-You must take care of your fish after weigh-in by legal means

-Participants must have registration at weigh-in no exceptions

-Fish will have gill plate punched at check-in

-Awards ceremony to follow Pro/Am captains meeting (Approx. time 7:30pm) at Captain Jack's Tavern

-10 places paid 30%, 20%, 13%, 10%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%

-Based on 60 entrants: 1)1800.00, 2)1200.00, 3)780.00, 4)600.00, 5)420.00 6)360.00, 7)300.00, 240.00, 9)180.00, 10)120.00

-Blow off discretion of Captain Jacks Tavern and Tom Frank

-Boat size will be limited to a minimum length of 18 ft (Pro/Am official rules)

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