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(Your Name) : S & K ==============



Date(s): (6-26

Time on Water: (5-9pm)

Temp/Weather: (85°F and sunny,

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH)

Waves: (Calm)

Surface Temp: (65 degrees)

Location: (Wilson)




Total Hits: (3)

Total Boated: (1)

Species Breakdown: 1 king

Trolling Speed: (2.25 mph)

Boat Depth: (150ft)

Lure Depth: (70 ft)

Fished out of Wilson Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a feeasko as usually as when filling the boat up for probably once in my life gas came overflowing out of the over spout. Okay no big deal that means I have 70 gallons but since my first time overflowing since owning the boat I felt an urge to check inside the boat. Lucky when I opened the hatch I smelled gas and saw it seeping out from the float. Well since the wife and kid were in the truck and when I said were weren't going and headed back to the house they were a little disappointed as the wife was waiting all day for the sun tan. Lucky long storage short drianed some gas and got some seal all and got in the water by 5pm. 2 hours later. Took a shaker on a slider and lost one on a rigger 70 down on NBK. Took on shot on the dipsey with a spin doctor and before I could grab it, it was off. Weird I thought. Well on the clean up for the trip home looking over the fly the treble broke off. LUCKY ME...

Fished Sunday morning before the rain moved in and first set up went over 3 kings and bam white on white spin doctor took a run which put a 18lb in the box only fish of the morning. A couple pounds more and we could of put it on the board. Buddy just got the new HD lowarance and its amazing I couldn't believe the detail and fished we marked.. I need one for my boat $800

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