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Finally got back out after 2 weeks :yes: Fished with FISHINMAN today from 7:30 - 1:00. The word on the radio was slowwwww. We started N/W of port and trolled from 70' out to 380' with only a skipper coho and one knockoff to show for it. Picked up and headed East started in 200' on a S/E troll. Picked up another coho down 55' in 145fow on a NK Seasick waddler. I always run one with Tom in the boat and he has never gotten sick - hmmmmm. ;) Zig zagged from 100' out to 180 with another knockoff, a hit and miss on the wire out 200', landed a 7lb steelie on the same 55 rigger set up which nicked the line so I just switched rods and put it back down. Forgot to check the drag and of course it's the next to get hit. Well, Tom jumps up "FISH ON" and almost runs out the back of the boat trying to get to the rod. A couple of knockoffs will do that to ya I guess. Needless to say the fish got off due to a very tight drag setting??? :@ - sorry Tom. Still a good day on the water and didn't get too wet.


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"FX"....I fished sat. afternoon a little west,very slow for us also,landed 1 king about 12 lbs.,lost one , and missed one on a slider spoon.. that was it. We fished sunday morning same area,marked some fish,but only managed 1 9lb. steelie that hit our rigger down 80 feet.,over 200 ' of water and 1 lake trout about 7lbs same depths. We trolled east and found lots of bait 60 to 150 feet of water,but only 1 taker ,which we lost,small king.Man did it get hot and dead calm before the clouds and rain moved in. Headed home...hope you guy's do better over there this week..choo-choo

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