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Question about kicker motor - 9.9 hp or 15 hp

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Questions for the experienced:

I am looking at either 9.9 HP or 15 HP for my Wellcraft V 21 boat. Both are Honda 4 stroke motor.

I was told that the 15 HP will provide me with extra power in case I need to use the kicker to get me home. I was offered 15 HP for extra $200 because it has a longer shaft than the 9.9hp that they have in stock.

I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

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I run a 15 Honda on my 25 ft Wellcraft. Never had any problem with boat control in any conditions and it pushes the boat around at about 6.5 mph wide open. That being said, it does burn more gas than I like and I believe a 9.9 would have been sufficient. The reason I went with the 15 was it was a left over and I got a great deal on it with power trim, electric start and controls for about the same price as that years 9.9. Both good motors and will do the job.


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