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(Your Name) : Fishing Report




Date(s): (fishing date here)

Time on Water: (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: (85°F and sunny, overcast, rain, snow)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH)

Waves: (1-2 Footers, Calm)

Surface Temp: (72°F)

Location: (fishing location)





Total Hits: (0, 5 10, etc.)

Total Boated: (0, 5, 10, etc.)

Species Breakdown: (3 Kings, 2 Bows, 1 Brown, 5 Lake Trout)

Hot Lure: (NK28, White Spindoctor with Green A-TOM-MIC Fly)

Trolling Speed: (2.1 mph)

Down Speed: (1.8 mph)

Boat Depth: (200 ft)

Lure Depth: (80 ft)




Started out in front of the bay in 120 fow, worked out to 180 when first fish hits the wire out 280 42ndspinny hammer fly, 8lb king, as I'm trying to net him he gets tangled in a rigger line so I pop It and it's dragging a 3lb coho. Get both fish released and are barely moving with the waves and the last wire rod in the water fires with a 15lb king, white double crush glow spinny with hammer fly. Got the three lines reset and just b4 9:00pm the 42spinny fires again with 11lb king. Got that in the boat and packed up. West wind pushed me up past hedges. Good luck Bill.

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