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Wire VS Copper

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New to the Big water Big Fish, observed a few pro/am's. This is what Iv'e heard wire dipsey flasher/spinner then spoon/fly. When you use copper you can eliminate the dipsey either down the chute or offn Planner Boards. What do you guys think???? Or Gals

Checked a site from this forum

Seems like the Albright knot might work best any ideas??

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Yes, Dick,

Wire is to be run with a dipsy, you can figure about a 3:1 ratio on line out to depth down i.e. 300 feet of wire out = 100 feet down..... This is assuming your are runninig between a 1.5-2.5 setting and will max out at about 400 feet of wire out.. this is also assuming you are running a size 1 dipsy...

Copper the line it self sinks. you can figure it goes about 18-22 feet down depending on the speed you run your boat and what you have on the end (spoon vs. flasher/fly)

For wire I back with 30lb mono and use either an albright knot or a nail knot (if you use a nail knot, tie a knot in the end of the wire to reduce slipage). at the end of the wire tie an over-hand loop knot and loop on your swivel snap (I use the swivel snap that come on the end of my spin Dr.'s) the attach your dipsy, about 8 feet of 40lb mono then another swivel snap (again i use the ones that come on my spin dr.s that way i just attach the snap to the flasher)

For copper I like to back it wth 50lb power pro simply because the copper takes up so much room and I want to have an addequite amount of backing.. I then tie an albright knot to about 6 feet of 50lb mono (make sure that you make 20 wraps with the power pro on the mono because its so slippery) I use the 6 feet of mono for 2 reasons: 1) it gives you something to attach a release to if you want to run it off the board. 2) I dont like to albright the power pro to the copper because the copper is so soft and I dont think you get a good return on the strength of the knot. I then tie the mono to the copper with an albright knot (6 wraps is fine). At the leader end of the copper I go with about 20feet of 30lb mono.. using the same 6 wrap albright.

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I agree with Schools Out except I do not have any backing on my wire I spool 1000 ft on my real. I also use the swivals from SD's but I put them on the end of my Dipsy's. I tie one end of leader to the dipsy and the other to a SD swival.

Copper less resistance but run more line, wire more resistance less line. If you want to run 100' down 320' of wire set on #2 will get you close. You will need 500' of copper, less resistance to achieve 100'.

To each there own and what ever catches you fish. The real difference is most of the boats fishing have decks 8' or less which presents a challenge when running to wire lines on #2 setting and copper down the chute. You must be very carefull or TANGLES. I went with outriggers to run my wire and it eliminated the tangling problem. Most of us aldo fish weekends when there is an abundance of traffic and it can make havic when trying to make wide turns.

In my case we catch more fish on flat lines than riggers. Go figure.


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Dick... like Shade said you really dont need to back your wire... 1000' is usually enough... I like to do it because wire can slip on the reel sometimes and the mono prevents that.. and also I like to run a full spoll with wire because line out is so important and you need a full spool for an accurate line count (ex. 2" diameter spool - 2" x 3.14 = 6.28" per wrap; 3" diameter spool - 3" x 3.14 = 9.42" per wrap)

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You can also wrap the spool once with electrical tape before spooling the wire and it won't slip. Make sure you have good tension while spooling the wire. ;)


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