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Webster Park to Hedges 4/21/07

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Started fishing at 9:30 with my wife and my dog, Max. Fished Webster Park to Hedges. We don't keep track of how many we catch but lets just say we caught so many our arms were sore. Fishing has never been better. Mostly Browns. Out of all the fish only one was hit by a lamprey. Also got a Landlock and we lost a nice King. Lures used were fire tiger rapelas, X-raps chartuse body and red nose, spoons, michigan stingers - orange crush. Most fish came 10-5 fow. Lots of doubles and had to quit because my wife's arms were sore. Fish averaged 2-5 lbs and one was about 8 lbs. I've fished the lake for 40 years and it doesn't get any better than what it is now. Get out there and get them because it's great fishing. We fished sideplaners and downriggers set 3-5 feet down (long line downriggers). :D

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That is awesome what a geat day to go fishing plus you slammed them . That does not happen very often. I have to work the weekend but will try to get out tomorrow after work or Monday for sure weather permitting. I don't think I could get my wife on the lake this time of the year, but today may have been the one day where she would have. Again congrats on a great day!!

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