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Truck Cap for sale - SOLD

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Guy’s I’m selling the red ARE fiberglass truck cap pictured below. It was purchased 2004 and still looks new – it has only a few scratches and scrapes. The door latch lock is frozen up but I still have the keys if your better at unfreezing it then I was. It should fit a standard 6 foot box. From out side edge to outside edge the measurement is 6 feet 8 inches by 5 feet 5 inches. I still have the clamps to hold the cap on but you will need new screws for them. It came off GMC Sierra so it should fit Chevy Silverado. The tracks on top are Yakama channels and will accept their towers for cross bars to handle ladders - canoe etc.

Not counting taxes this would cost $1100 new. I’m asking $500 but you have to pick it up. I live in Chittenango NY (east of Syracuse).

Thanks and don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any questions.




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Corky thanks for your interest. Yes its the factory color, I ordered it to match my truck. I'm sorry but I dont have the paperwork on my old truck any longer so I cant give you the color code but I was told GMC and Chevy are one in the same for parts and paint?

Nothing wrong other then what I oulined in my post and a small tear in the inside screen I just noticed. I traded my GMC in without the cap thinking I could use the cap (have it painted) on the new truck. Same size box but the Toyota Tundra box is a bit wider and a bit shorter by inches but noticable and creats bit of an issue trying to clamp to the bed. I could use it but I would ahve to anchore with bolts so i reached a point that I felt I spent that much money on new truck, I was now not going to try and rig up a cap that was not made for this make/model truck.

I am going to soung ignorant but I belive its the standard box (6 foot lenght)?? My orginal post gives you the dimensions of the cap - outside edge to outside edge. I am pretty firm on the $500 to help subsidize the new cap at $1200 !!

Corky, you don't know me but I'm not trying to screw anyone. If you look it over and dont think its worth the $500 I understand and respect your opinion. I would feel bad if you drove all of the way down here and not liked the cap. If I could find a way to meet you half way I would but I am not sure how I would get the cap on the new truck. Plus the new cap is being installed next week (thusday).

I'm heading to Daytona Beach tomorrow thru Sunday (dam I miss a weekend on Lake O!!) for a relatives wedding. Let me know if you have any other questions ... or it you want to call me - my cell is 315-727-3820.

Regards .... Mark


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