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Getting a little late for the salmon but if there are any bass they should be in 15 to 40 fow just west of the chute to 3 milesish in front of maxwell creek bring some minnows and get have some fun..And if ya got a flat day on the lake turn right outa the chute and take a ride 1 to 3 miles east to see chimney bluffs there pretty cool up close ,and if its too windy you should take a land ride down there and walk the upper path along the bluffs..:just dont drive too close to shore there are some big outdrive eaters 20 fow should be safe...if you go by water....oh and im not shure of the road if your leaving sodus(going south) take the first main intersecting road to the left(east) and there is a little baked food stand (yellow) on the left no more than 20 min from sodus if you want some great goodies and local produce its a must stop for me (and Muskybob) when were near there.

Ray K,

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