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Wilson 5-26 w/ Bobs-boy

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Nick called me Friday afternoon and said his boat was in Wilson and we could come out and fish if we wanted to (easy decision). Saturday morning headed West out of port and setup. It didn't take long for the green protroll/green fly to fire and it also didn't take long for us to lose our first nice king. That setup, out 200, was our most consistent producer for the day for the kings. It was the only wire we could get to fire. The best setup for the cohos was a Carlson orange crush cheated off the rigger.

We worked 200-280 most of the day. Action was really good early and we ended up 7 for 12. The cohos seem to be larger this spring than they were last sping.




I love spring browns but it certainly felt good to feel the pull of a king again. Thanks Nick!!!!

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It was good to have you guys! You picked a good day, the action was really slow for the next couple of days. The niagara river was absolutely stuffed with steelies, didn't get a chance to fish for any though (forgot the tackle box the one day we went).


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