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5.0L GM Vortec Mercruiser Engine part for sale

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We have heads, exhaust manifolds, crankshaft, cam, pistons with rods, water pump, oil pump, oil pan, balancer, misc. bolts, etc... from a 1999 5.0L GM Vortec Mercruiser I/O engine. The engine had ~800 hours and in perfect condition.

We are in Hammondsport, NY.

$600.00 for everything listed here.








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I would of been interested in the whole engine!!! Why did ya part it out?

We fish all year and have a heated shop that the boat sits in. The coldest day in resent history the relay for the heater quit, and the drain plugs were still in the block. so the block cracked. It was easier for me to drop in a new long block 5.7L . So now i have all of the parts to help off set some of the cost. I'll take 500 for all of the parts, we are having a village wide yard sale first weekend of June, so you have between now and then, but if you want them i'll leave them in the shop. Let me know

PS the new program is to pull all of the plugs before putting in the shop everytime


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