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Hemlock 08/17, 08/18

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Took Christopher fishing from the Otter Stealth out of the South end of Hemlock the past 2 evenings. Rowed ;( up about 3/4 mile from the launch, to where the weeds dropped off. Tuesday night we probably caught 50 bluegills & pumpkinseeds, of which 1/3 were good sized, but I was so tired we let all of them go.

Went back to the same area Wednesday, didn't land as many, but I got 4 nice, fat perch as well as a dozen keeper sized 'gills, so it's a fish fry tonight!!

Just fishing crawler bits on a chartreuse maribou jig about 6 feet under the bobber caught them all. If I had more time, I would have targeted bass and/or pickerel, but not hitting the water until after 6:45 makes it kinda hard to explore.

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Hey Todd.

Is the boy out fishing you yet? :rofl: Im sure he's having a ball with the bluegill action.

Did you move down Hemlock way or are you still in Canandaigua?



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