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Deaf Fisherman

Bass fishing in Rochester

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I was fishing in my secret spot and completely forgetten how to catch a bass after 2-month of fishing in the saltwater. Lucky me, i was able to pick up the memories. so I caught couple of them, two sunfish, and two pikes with my friend from California. I suggest him to be member into here few days ago. he will sign into here sometime soon.

Anyway, here are the pictures! all of pictures is taken by phone.


here is nice bass caught out of water.


surprise attack on spinner bait.



This is my friend, Andrew, who caught his first pike on fishing pole in his life time. his pike is on his right.


Here I am. my pike is smaller than Andrew and it is on my left.



I felt little bite so i bang pole so hard like bass hit it. you know how it did, but end up it was snagged sunfish on belly. darn it. but it still swam free.


weird thing happen next cast after released hurted sunfish.



i had to skip a day to keep focus on my first day of college in which its sucked when it started on labor day!! I'm supposed to be on water like everyone who has day off! but amazing enough at next day!

today was pooped day, caught nothing, until I fishing edge of weeds on pond, and caught this!



look forward to post sometime soon when going out fishing again!

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