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Sluggo / NY

Erie Walleye Report..

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Posted this once.. but it got zapped. Gotta love that copy/paste :lol:

Fished the NY end of Erie for walleye this past Sun. thru Tues. Launched out of Barcelona all three days and trolled mainly the 55 to 65 foot depths. Although the weather wasn't the best.. one day blowin'.. the next day flat.. we did manage to pick up fifteen decent fish. The largest was just under ten, but most were in the four to six range. We nomally do best on stickbaits and worm harnesses, but spoons seem to be the ticket right now. Most of these fish are probably "resident" fish. The big herds from the western end should be arriving soon though. After figuring the cost for fuel, lodging, meals and beer... the fillets in my freezer only ran me about $30 / pound... not bad huh? Good thing you can't put a price tag on fun! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris) ps.. I remembered the camera.. shoulda checked the batteries though!

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