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Huge 9 pt

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Saw a single doe pop up out of the alders/creek bottom about 7:10 this morning.

Kept an eyeball on her but wasn't really focused on her, that much.

Saw her look back, a couple of times, and only hoped that she had a boyfriend behind her.

She did, aparantly, as about 10 min. later a buck came out on another trail close to her.

The horns we VERY evident from the blind, and grabbed my trusty 'ol Shooters Ridge mono-pod, and leveled the Ruger 7 Rem Mag on him.

Wound up the Nikon 'till he looked nice and close, and touched it off.

As I was pulling the gun from my shoulder, he collapsed. Ranged it at 163 yds.(farthest shot I've ever taken)

The whole encounter was about 5-7 seconds.

Almost 5" bases, and the main beams carry the same mass almost all the way out.

4 1/2" brows, and the G2's/G3's hover at 6-7", with a 17"spread.

Several friends stopped by to take a look, and general thoughts are about 125-130".

Love taking deer on Thanksgiving Day, and this was THE largest buck I have ever taken, in the 38 years I have hunted.

We had this guy on camera last year, 1 time(smaller), and then he vanished.

Thought that he was dead.

Saw a velvet pic of a this deer only a couple days ago, from a friends camera on adjacent property, and did not realize it was the same deer we had from the year ealier, until closer examination.

Now I'll look at it on the wall, for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys here!!!!!!!!!!

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