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Still Looking for a new boat..

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It sounds like we're all in the same boat (pun intended), unable to find a home for the one we've got in order to get another. And who wants to be stuck with two? hehe

Most of the dealers aren't moving much and nobody wants to take in a trade as a result. Though 90% of the boat dealers I've seen are have little business sense and are short sighted which is why many do so poorly. (Why make $5K on a used boat..I'll convince them to take this overpriced new rig out of here)

In this climate and where I see securitized lending, rates and willingness to commit liquid assets (as well as available disposable income) I can't see at least 30% more of the boat manufacturers and dealers biting the dust over the next 3 years. I hear rumor that a couple of the custom fishing boat builders on the coast are on the endangered species list.

Biggest question in the industry I can't answer...why aluminum boat prices..with less material cost and less labor in production, are as high..or higher in some cases then glass boats. Riddle me that!

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Any interest in a 2002 Grady White Tournament 223? Original Yamaha 225 4 stroke, 290 hours. Nice clean boat in great shape with a nice load rite galvanized tandem axle trailer. Im in a similar position as you, except I already bought the next boat :clap: . I wont be able to let the Grady go until the end of the season, so you have plenty of time to work on selling yours.

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