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Still Looking for a new boat..

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I have been combing boattrader within 100 miles for a year, and still see nothing interesting. Have checked a bunch of the western new york marinas as well. Something like the following is what I am looking for:

-Trophy 2359

-Trophy 2502

-Boston Whaler 275 Conquest

-Wellcraft 270 Coastal

-Albemarle 268

-Parker 2530

-Carolina Classic 25 Express

-Grady 272

*All hardtop...I'm done with access canvas...

Basically something on the extreme end of towable (I'd dock it, but want to be able to pull it out end of year and if it needs service), with the fishing ability combined with some family friendly amenity like a real head and a basic galley. Seems all the new boats are all bare bones fishing machines, a million dollars, etc.. I know all the dealers around here sell mostly cheap stuff and alot of CC's for the price sensitive, but a few of these boats had to have made there way into the area from the coast didn't they? I'm sick of getting blown of the lake most weekends and need to go bigger. I have about $75K to throw into this, so I'm not just looking to steal something. If anyone has a lead or someone thinking of selling, let me know. Thanks.

Side note, I've made a couple of road trips 300/400 miles to look at a rig, nothing more disappointing then wasting time and money to travel that far to look at a neglected piece of junk. I want this to be the last boat I buy for the next 10 or 15 years.

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Yoda, although it saddens me over the past few weeks my father and i have finally decided to try and sell our boat so we can move up in size. We have the last 27' cherokee made. It's a 2007 that we bought brand new in 2008. If your intersted let me know and i can send you all the specs and additional pictures.

Picture from the factory


Picture from the sodus proam


These are some older pictures and there has been plenty of additions since these pictures.

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If you want a boat that is very well maintained with the state of the art equipment look under Classified Selling and check out Billy V's rig.


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Billy's rig is not trailer-able. I don't mind bending a few laws here and there (9.5' beam...they won't notice) and have a truck that'll pull 12K pounds, but that boat is outside the realm of reality for what I'm doing.

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If you have been around boats in WNY over the years, you can see what the market bears and how most of the remaining dealers have geared themselves toward the lower end of the market. That being said, the Cherokee above is a great option for you or taking the trip to the mid America show in Cleveland at the end of the month. I have not been there for several years and I have been told it has become watered down but dealers like Happy Days(sell Parker among others)happydaysboating.com or Beaver Park Marina(sell Grady) might give you some leads this time of year. I know it is easier to buy a boat close by but sometimes you have to expand the search range. Hope that helps.

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I understand your parameters...but would also say Billy V's looks like

a great rig.

As far as Happy Days Boating...if you decide to check them out, call and

ask for Jim Burroughs. When I was looking for my Seaswirl a couple of

years ago, I talked to him in the fall, told him what I wanted in general terms,

and he assurred me he'd get back to me "in time". I figured it was the usual lip service, but lo and behold, a few months goes by, and I get one of those "Have

I got the boat for you...." I was on the road to Port Clinton the next

day, and we got the deal done. Also had an issue during motor break-in time, and

they bent over backwards to help. Drawback is the long ride from Dunkirk, but it

was worth it.

They do have a used 26' Seaswirl on their used boat list currently.


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We have fished on Billy V a couple of times and it is a great boat in excellent condition. When we were looking for a boat, though, finding something trailerable was important as we are 250 miles from our place on the VA shore and 400 miles from Lake O. We did buy a 25' Sportcraft and went about 250 miles just to look. When you want to buy "a boat" you sometimes have to expand the search until you find "the boat".

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Matt's boat above is a beautiful boat! I've seen it many times at the tourneys. The Billy V is also a great choice, but I understand your concerns. Check out Arney's Marina in Sodus. They look to have a few boats that might work:


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I'll sell mine for 75k :lol:



Fully Rigged


However you want it !!

One of the largest dance-floors in what's considered a small boat now days

Free gas for your lifetime

I will pay your way into all tourneys forever

Whatever you want



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Careful, free gas for life might not be such a great deal for you :P

If Arney's could water that 245 Robalo so it would grow into a 265 it would be nice. I'm not in love with the hull on the 265 Albie, they much improved it with the 268, but that said nothing is perfect. I'd call to figure out a time to look at that boat but they are SOOOO far over priced on it that I don't think there is a realistic conversation to be had.

Looks like I need to road trip to Ohio this month again.

http://www.southshoremarine.com/Page.as ... Abaco.aspx

http://www.happydaysboating.com/pre_own ... eh=1797071

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If you're looking for a legally trailerable, rugged boat, see if you can find a Penn Yan 255 Intruder. Thats about as good a trailerable fishing boat as you will find. I had one and had to sell it due to a family illness. That's best boat I ever owned. You should be able to find one easily for between 20 and 30K in great shape.

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Found two boats local (or there abouts) that may have been of interest but both are brokered boats and I'm not looking to get stuck sitting on two of them. Looks like I may have to consider buying new or go back to my Ohio road trip.

If anyone is interested, I thought there were reasonable prices and features on a a 2006 Striper 2601 with the Alaska top sitting at Wheelhouse marine on Grand Island and the 2004 Grady Gulfstream at Arney's. Someone else might be able to scoop one of these.

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Latest update....found another good deal and after talking to the Admiral a solid choice, a newer Amberjack 270. Of course when I called it too is a brokered boat with no trades accepted.

It seems that there are many ways to buy a boat, but almost none to get rid of one :(

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This is the best time of year to sell and my recent experience has been Craigslist. Sure you get the occasional spam but I have moved my own boats and the like on there in the past two years and moved a lot of small outboards on there last spring as part of an estate sale. Didn't think they would all go but they all went.

I would also consider paying the $75.00 and put it on Walleye.com. Priced right boats go on there and your 18 Trophy is priced right.

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I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your injury is nothing serious. If you are interested I have a 2009 Scout 295 Abacco for sale. It has twin Yamaha 250's and is set up to fish. It's a perfect mix between a fishing boat and a family boat. I am selling it just the boat and electronics or completely loaded with downriggers rods and so on. The boat is still under warranty and the engines have an extended warranty. It is at Henderson Harbor, NY currently.

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