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  1. Sold. Thank You to LOU, hopefully my situation will change and I can become reacquainted with the sport I love.
  2. SOLD. I am selling my 25ft walkaround Trophy. The pictures will speak for themselves. The reason for sale is because the boat is just too big for me to use by myself. I have had the boat for 4 years and spared absolutely no expense in equipping it for trolling. It is extremely clean inside and out. When I purchased the boat it came with a recent survey. The entire time I kept the boat it was either in a hoist or stored inside. Please all the equipment on the boat is less then 4 yrs old. The boat was always maintained by Jr's Marine in endicott, where it is currently parked to be viewed. All equipment was installed by Jr's Marine or Kevin Jerge. The boat is 100% ready to fish. In 2015 the boat was only fished with a few times. Please view the all the pictures. Asking price is $22K. Everything you see in the pictures is included: 3 Canon downriggers, multiple rod holders and big jon planer boards. One Very Unique feature is the autopilot will control the 9.9 honda kicker or the Mercruiser with a flip of a switch. Which is awesome for trolling or cruising. Honda 9.9 High Thrust is electric start/ power tilt and controlled 100% at the helm. During all the upgrades much of the boat was re-wired. The boat was set up with 3 batteries vs 2 to ensure there was never an issue. The boat is also rigged up with shore power and an onboard charger for all 3 batteries. It is power by a Mercruiser V-8 and will cruise at 30mph and top out very close to 40. Also includes a trailer. Feel free contact me with any questions. John 607-761-9818. The boat can also be viewed at Jr's marine anytime.
  3. Give me a call, I have a 25ft trophy rigged to max for trolling. Has a very short dog house only 8-10 inches. I just pulled it out of the water Saturday, emptied today. John 607-761-9818. Low hours, very clean, needs nothing just people to use it. All electronics upgraded 2-3 years ago.
  4. Finger Lakes Marina on the south side of Myers Pt is a great bet. I kept a boat there for 3 years prior to us buying a cottage. The only other real option would be to see if a slip is open in the town marina on the north side of Myers point.
  5. Fingerlakespremierproperties.com We used them years ago, you pay a bit more but worth the professionalism, cleanliness and if a problem arises they are quick to rectify.
  6. I am looking at AES from my deck. 2 footers out of the south / with just a hint on east.
  7. Auctions are only as realistic as the people bidding!
  8. Nick passed away two months ago. This was part if his estate settlement.
  9. Sorry for the late notice, just saw post on FB. The old Nicks Marine in Apalachin is liquidating all inventory from tools to boats. You can view the auction listing on manasse's website. I know there are some good project boats!
  10. Don't use the app, use safari and it works great
  11. Congrats Rollie. We did not make it back to Meyers for the weigh in. For those of who saw me laying on the swim platform more then once today it was not because we I was sick. We had issues with our auto pilot and the outdrive. We called it a day around noon with a bunch of below average fish. Docking was hard enough getting the boat into the hoist, I did not want to chance at the park. Hopefully after today I will get more time on the water. Boat is fixed.
  12. Pretty simple solution to all those complaining. If you don't like where you live move. Maybe the grass will be greener on the other side?
  13. Let me know when and where and I will swing in. Mon through Thurs. Friday I am lake bound.
  14. I would like to think all fishermen are relatively honest and up standing citizens. 99% of the people on this board seem to be great people and the ones that I have actually meet prove my theory is right. But Murphy's law states that their will always be one that is not the norm. Congratulations PP39 you take the prize! Now you tell everybody you won something, hands down with nobody disagreeing.
  15. Taughannock had an employee of the state checking trailers, and asking that bilges and hulls be drained at the launch yesterday.
  16. The new store at 3151 Vestal Parkway E. now has gasoline without Ethanol “Our ETHANL FREE PREMIUM 91 OCTANE : is recommended for use in lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, jaws of life, portable water pumps, boat engines, older vehicles prior to 1974 or other two cycle engines. Check with the manufacture or dealer of your small engine. The use of Gasoline with 10% ethanol in many cases, may affect the plastic and rubber engine parts and could possibly void your manufacture small engine warranty.
  17. Swim noodle and tooth picks. Works for me.
  18. Call Kevin Jerge from the Wilson boat yard. I have the same situation as you. He put an independent steering drive on my kicker and a master switch at the helm to switch back and forth
  19. A lot of misconceptions on this. As one who deals with this daily here is the scope. One: yes technically you need dot numbers if your hauling your boat as part of a money making business. Now unless your over 26000 lbs combined weight. No cdl or log book required. You should display dot numbers. Personally if it was me get your numbers and affix them to a magnet and only display the numbers when your in boat is in tow. Now if you choose to comply you can be stopped for random dot checks and you must pull into weigh/inspection stations on the highway. When displaying the for numbers you must have a fire extinguisher , safety triangle, first aid in the vehicle. Also everything on truck and trailer must be in good working order. The only thing I am not sure about is if your not running commercial plates can you still display for numbers
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