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Paul Czarnecki

North Carolina! (Pic heavy)

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Just returned from my annual trip to Currituck and Hatteras NC and what a trip it was! In 20 years of hunting waterfowl in NC I would have to say that 2011 was the most impressive display of waterfowl numbers I have ever seen.

We hunted Currituck Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday it was mostly all big ducks--pintails, gadwalls, wigeon with a couple mallards and teal mixed in. The rain and fog came in on Tuesday and the teal shoot was on! A few gadwalls and wigeon kept things interesting but we got bombed by hundreds of teal all day long. Wednesday the fog remained and the teal carnage continued. We had 20 by 8:20! Amazing!

Thursday we took the trip to Hatteras to hunt "old style" out of a sink box "curtain rig". The experience alone is worth the trip. Sitting eye level with the water as pintails bomb in on you is something every waterfowler should experience at least once!

Enjoy the pics!







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Awesome sprigs......I'm jealous of the southern guys shooting all the colored up birds. Great pics!

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