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Brown Trout and Others - April 3,2011

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Forgot to post this the other day. :$

The sun was shinning and the wind was predicted to be decent, so Laker John and I decided to hit Lake O for another kick at the browns. Grizz had saying that they were still on the bite - so why not????

We got on the water with the waves a tad larger than we thought they would be. So we set the rods out at 0955, started the troll and at 1002, the inside board fired ... Fish On!!!!! Sweet.

It was supposed to be John's turn on the rod but with the winds blowing and waves crashing, I brought in the first of the day - Brown Trout??? NO a nice 4.5 lb Lake Trout. My Lake Ontario Lake Trout virginity has been broken- my first laker. To many waves and the outer rod fired off, so the laker was released and the board had settled down, flag wasn't moving.....BUT it looked funny. I reeled in the board and John said, "There's a fish on!!!!" Slowly line was brought in and wonders of wonders - a brown trout.... Double Header.... The time on the watch showed 1010. Two fish - ten minutes - guess they're on the take.

We saw three boats close to the beach fighting the whitecaps and rollers, but we continued on our troll. Around 1040, the rod fired again and another brown trout was landed and released.

As we turned and began a down-wind troll, the inner board fired again, this timeJohn was on the rod and he couldn't move the fish, the boards was hardly moving in and then the line went slack - Darn!!!!!! The line broke... CRAP as we looked out, the outer board fired, so we put the rod in the holder and brought in the outer board. Nice fish says John and finally the fish appeared - a good size one, doesn't look like a brown - It's not as the fish slipped into the net - really nice 7lb Walleye.

What a surprise - as was the laker - three species on the day.

We hoped the wind and the rollers would die down, but slowly we came to the realization that they were staying for a while. Decided that this was our last pass before heading to shore, Suddenly the outer board near shore fired and John was on the rod. Another nice fish said he and he brought the brown to the net. This one is for the table of a dear friend.

We made it to shore around 1200, five landed and one lost not a bad two hours.....

Here's what we were seeing;


Back on shore with solid footing, we were able to snap a shot of John's Trout;


It sure was tough fishing but very nice to catch the what we did.

Stay Tuned

David aka Superdad

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Beautiful fish David!...the lake looks mean, how big is your boat, mine is an 18 footer, dont think it would handle those waves well

Hope your friend enjoyed that beautiful fish

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Superdad nice work

I am just wondering where did you launch from? And also how deep of water were you in and how far out were you?

Thanks for any information I am going to try to get out this weekend.

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