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Niagara LOC 5/1-5/5 w pics

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: CRUZ CONTROLL





Time on Water: 6am - 2pm

Weather/Temp: Sunday- Wed am (Rainy/Cold) , Thurs (sun/ cooler)

Wind Speed/Direction: E/NE sun tues, NW,W mon, wed, thurs

Waves: 1-3's

Surface Temp: 40-47

Location: Niagara Bar sun - Wed, Olcott Thurs




Total boated/hits : sun 1/2, mon 2/3, tues 10/15, wed 11/14, Thurs 10/16 (olcott)

Species Breakdown: 3 Kings, Cohos, Lakers, Browns

Hot Lure: Orange/silver evil eyes, dolphin, frog, shiner stingers, gfr & firetiger rapalas

Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.4

Boat Depth: 10ft-300ft

Lure Depth: surface - 180ft fown over 300




Well gentlemen, wanted to report on our Niagara LOC trip this year. Had very high hopes as in prior years in scoring on multiple King action. Mother nature had other plans as last week's winds/ storms and rains turned the Niagara Bar region into a muddy playground.

Not for lack of Marks on the fishfinder as this was constant screen action throughout the whole trip in the deeper waters 40-200fow. I guess that's why we call it FISHING.


The Fish are there, they were just not on the feed. When the water clears and these fish do decide to turnon - it will be mayhem for all the lucky fishermen who are there when this happens.

Needless to say we had to work for our fish boated. We had ever changing winds from E /NE to NW to E back to NW/W. Could not find a consistent Program out deeper 40ft - 300ft. We did find 1 nice patch of off colored water on Tues in 45 fow off the red can that yielded a bunch of lakers , 2 kings and few cohos.


The only constant program we found was the inshore fishery off 4 mile on Wed and Olcott area on Thursday AM as we landed numerous Browns, a steelhead, and a mid sized King in the off colored shallow waters.



Overall had a nice fishing trip like always, off from work , with good friends, good eats and good drinks.

Good luck to all in the LOC and upcoming tournaments and TIGHT LINES!

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Who you calling gentleman? :)

With the ice boom going out late along with the big blow storm

the Thursday b4 ya got there makes for a very brown bar, I believe.

Nice pics :yes:

Its all about fishing and friends and fun.

Lets see whats going on around here, it ain't over till its over, I think you're up.

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