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Great weekend of weather, fishing and catching. Family trip this weekend with my wife, son, Dad and long time family friend Casey. Sat was a slow day for us and we didn't get much going. Sun and Mon morning trips were entirely different and action rivaled that of spring Niag Bar fishing. Every rod in the spread was pulling fish. We pretty much worked 12-14Wx24-26N most of the weekend. Hot spoons for us were R&R Mulatto, Black Ice w/ green and lazer ladders, Watermelon grape dots, and Billy V's Habanero. A Supercrazy Spin Doc with the Killer fly did alot of damage on a wire diver.

Here's some pics:






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Eric, I usually don't open many pics with this sloooowww dialup, but I'll always wait the 1/2 hour to see your pics. Nice fish. Still waitin' on maintenance and hopefully will be out soon. Erie, amongst the bassmasters was pretty slow for us on sat. Not an 'eye in the box.

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Eric love the pictures glad to see Jr holding that fish :D If you talk to dave from R&R tell him I haven't forgot him I have just been very busy with my little one I haven't had time for any thing else.I want to get some of every thing we used at the bar this year.He makes a great spoon.Good luck if you go out.

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