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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:0615-1100


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 3-4

Surface Temp: 76






Total Hits: 15

Total Boated:10

Species Breakd10wn:6kings,2 steelies, 1 rainbow, 1 brown

Hot Lure: black pearl, green

Trolling Speed:2.5 - 3.1

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 75-140

Lure Depth: 40-60



3 of us headed out of olcott at 0615, I was late. Very hot and 3 building to 4 footers from the ssw. Wanted to stay inside hoping it was somewhat calmer - just alittle - started to run 4 on riggers and 2 on dipsies. that lasted an hour with only a shaker on the rigs, and an 7 lb. king on dipsey. thought it would be easier to run 4 dipsies and let the riggers sit- that was the right call. I run mono to dipsies. outside at 2.5 each out140 and 180. 2 inside at 0 setting at 120 and 130. within an hour had 6 matures on boating 4 from 19 to 22 lbs. on middle riggers. any coler spoon by itself worked. Had to troll se to nw and back. last hour kings died, but managed 5-6 pound steelies and a tiny brown. Only a couple other boats out, worth the waves. fyi have been out for 3 other trips over last 2 weeks averaging 3 fish an hour. what a great year. life is Good !!!


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