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1 bachlor party, 2 yankee games, 120lb tarpon, TAMPA ROCKS

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Spent 4 nights in Tampa for a buddies bachlor party. Saw the yanks on weds and thurs. The yanks won the first 4 to 0 and my dad, uncle and a few of their friends joined us for the game. Thursday the yanks lost, but we saw a great pitching matchup with CC going against James Shields.


Thursday morning we went tarpon fishing. It's past primetime, but there were still some small pods of big fish around. I got a 120 lber and we also caught about 8 small sharks. Here's the tarpon.


Friday we went 30 miles out in the gulf for snapper, grouper and amberjacks. I got 4 amberjacks, 3 grouper and a red snapper. One of my buddies caught a triggerfish that was absolutely delish. The fishing wasn't on fire, but we all caught enough to keep us busy.



Ended the trip at the hardrock casino, then on to the nudie bar : ) I left with glitter all over my face. Did I mention I live a charmed life.


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